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***Makes one clone***

I channel my earth chakra across my body , I then concentrate and gather it into my two palms, after which I slam my hands into the ground releasing my chakra into it, allowing me to create giant rocks from below the ground and use it knock your clone and mine upwards making them lose balance and leave them airborne for few seconds, after which I then fire fire balls at them each.

(Doton: Iwa Keiro) – Earth Style: Rock Trail
Rank: B
Type: Attack
Range: Mid
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: 40
Description: The user slams their hands on the ground and giant rocks rise up and jag the opponent from underneath.

For the next jutsu, I'd like you to release your chakra into the sky above your opponent and using that chakra, I need you to create an opening. The opened up area would then begin to drop down a large and viscous mud down towards your opponent.

You can use this in a combination with the jutsus Lightning release: sixteen pillar bind and Fire release: Firing biscuit technique in order to create a giant oven around the opponent and then using Fire technique to ignite the oven.

However, for now, we'll just do the Earth jutsu.