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  • Akatsuki will still be as strong as they were and will be served justice

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  • We've seen what Kishi does when reviving the Akatsuki, they will get trolled out the ass

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    Re: Road to Ninjers: Konoha vs Akatsuki

    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsuuga View Post
    * Starts watching
    * O' Sh!t Akatsuki is all together, Konoha is gonna get owned
    * KIba pawns pain
    * ......Hold up

    There is obviously something going on here that we don't know about. To me it looks like they are in the hidden leaf forest. Since all akatsuki members are there and they don't talk, this suggest to me that it is a simulation drill. This is possible since Kabuto gave naruto/Kakashi a book for all akatsuki members. So I think this isn't actually Konoha vs. Akatsuki but Konoha vs. Konoha jounin transformed.
    I wish, but the fact that Naruto ran away to do something else/more important(judging by the look on his face when he was running at the end) This is the real deal. Fang over Fang > Rinnegan all of a sudden. I hope this doesnt turn into a hype only movie, like movie 4 was. all hype then an hour and a half of animated bullshit
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