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I know all to well about their feats. When comparing those, Hashiramas abilities pales in comparison to Nagato's. However, Nagato cant beat Hashirama or EMS Madara with his feats. Your obviously a Nagato fanboy an is just using his feats to make him sound unstoppable. :sy:
Tell how exactly Nagato would beat Hashirama or Madara.
Lol, "Nagato fanboy". I'm more of a Tobi "fanboy". Its easy actually, just CT. I mean, there are many ways than one for Nagato to beat both. For one, there are a million different ways the battle can go. It all comes down to circumstance, who's going to rise to the occasion, arrogance, etc.. Though I really don't see how Madara can defeat Nagato when

1. Nagato is more adept at Rinnegan
2. Nagato can do everything Madara can do with the Rinnegan if not more.