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    - Plot Summary -
    Cast as the main female lead, Sakura starts off as a thinly developed character, being known for her love of her team mate Sasuke than anything else. As the series progresses more of Sakura's strength and determination comes out which culminates in her becoming Tsunade's apprentice. While Sakura becomes more a Tsunade clone in her fighting style after the time skip, she matures and drops the juvenile infatuation aspects of her personality. This allows her to expore new facets of her relationship with Naruto.

    Top 3 Main Characters

    Naruto: The titular character, Naruto has a mixed approval rating among the fan base. He is a character whose sometimes idiotic personality conflicts with his occasional brilliance and natural talent, a staple seen in many shonen characters.

    Sasuke: Driven by the massacre of his clan by his brother Itachi, Sasuke grew into a determined young man. His focused demeanor and natural ability caused many to envy him and become enamoured by his elite status. Sasuke never sought to form bonds but one was formed anyway with Naruto. Naruto's promise to return Sasuke has become the driving force of the second half of the series.

    Sakura: Sakura has the mid-point between the grades of Naruto and Sasuke. Strictly average in all respects, even to the point of having no signature jutsu, Sakura has shown a lot of development over the series. Beginning as nothing more than an admirer of Sasuke and appearing to take her ninja career less seriously than she should, her experiences eventually hardened her to the point of being an effective kunoichi.

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