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    Re: how is shishui not top 10

    Quote Originally Posted by dawoodahmad View Post
    how can nagato beat naruto?
    There is no salvation for this one

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    Re: how is shishui not top 10

    Quote Originally Posted by muutobirama3rdraikagemizu View Post
    Huh shut up he can use it when ever he wants
    Someone's mad because they're proven wrong?

    Kotoamatsukami - As a testament to its power it was strong enough to even negate Kabuto Yakushi's control over the revived Itachi Uchiha, in spite of the former's authority being considered almost absolute. After the technique is used, it requires around a decade before it can be used again, but this period can be drastically reduced through the possession of Hashirama Senju's cells, as observed by Danzō Shimura's use. However, despite the additional stamina granted by Hashirama's cells, it is asserted that this technique still can't be used multiple times in a single day.

    I don't think Shisui Uchiha has Senju cells in him, so chances are he can't do it more than once a decade

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