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    Awards Showcase

    Liana Walker

    Basic Information

    Name: Liana Walker
    Nickname: The Over-Attached Girlfirend - X
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Clan: Jūgo's Clan


    Liana is a beautiful Kunoichi that has blue eyes, short black hair, a white skin and She an athletic body shape. She usually wear a red hood that covers up to her stomach and a short black leather skirt. She wears a light armor over her chest and arms. She has two large weapon bags, a large fan and sword on her back. She usually carry a pet eagle on her shoulder called Sponk, she usually doesn't fight with him since he is an ordinary eagle with no specialties.


    Liana is a clam, friendly, wise and very smart. Once she is in a battle, she gets very aggressive and evil however she never let her emotions take control over her unlike normal self. As a member of Jūgo clan, the adverse effects of this energy result in sudden and uncontrollable surges of power, causing her to sporadically go berserk, however, using her intelligence and self control, she was the best at controlling that power at her time, she were never noticed going crazy in public but twice in her entire life.

    Village Info.

    Village of Birth: Amegakure
    Village of Alliance: Kumogakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.

    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Water element affinity, intelligence, Ninja sensory ability and talking to animals.
    Katon- Mastered
    Suiton- Mastered
    Doton- Mastered
    Raiton- Mastered
    Futon- Mastered
    Rain- Mastered

    Your ninjutsu:
    Jūgo's Clan Techniques
    Kaito's Taijutsus
    Huge Fans User
    Toad Summons
    Vulture Summon
    Germ Release
    Rain Element

    Background Info.


    Born in the battlefield, Amegakure, Liana was to be raised running away from dangers. At the age of 6, her father died in an explosion. In fear of the war, her mother run into the forests, there, they finally found peace, as she learned how to talk to animals from her mother, and made many friends.

    As she turned ten, she was walking into the forest when she felt something she never felt before, the existence of someone else in the forest, she ran and ran toward the it, her sense of that person's existence got stronger and stronger as if she could see him/her there. As she reached that person, she discovered that it was very strong looking man that appeared to be a ninja

    Getting to know that ninja, she discovered that he ran from the prisons of Sunagakure called Ketsunagi, she brought him to her mother who healed him. Ketsunagi stayed with them long enough to fall in love with Liana who became obsessed with him and everything about him. Liana made her decision of becoming a Kunoichi and revenge her father, Ketsunagi supported her decision and trained her well, on every element, every ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu he knew, even his huge fan usage. at that time, she became as strong as a Sannin. Her mother, decided to put her faith in her daughter's choice and taught her the arts of their clan and the Rain release of their village.

    Soon after, a squad of Kunoichis from Sunagakure attacked the forest, killing its animals and setting it to on fire. Liana and Ketsunagi reached them before they were able to find their hideout to keep her mom safe with the help of her sensory abilities. They had a long battle until she discovered that all of them were his girlfriends back at Sunagakure, knowing that, Liana lost it for the over dose of energy and went off killing all of them along with Ketsunagi himself for not being loyal.

    Later on, she and her mom decided to move to kumogakure to protect themselves from Sunagakure's revenge. After meeting the Raikage, Laina had faith in that village and put her entire loyalty to her Raikage and squad leader, investing her obsession in the village.

    • She is well known of her sensing abilities.

    • Once she completely transform, her arms grow jet-like appendages out of her legs, feet and arms similar to Jugo's transformation, but unlike Jugo, her skin turn Dark black and she grow two large wings out of her back that she could use to fly. Partly transforming depends on the body part and the technique used for the transformation.

      Drawings made of her complete transformation look:

    Theme Song and Background Music


    Won: -

    Dropping Dark Angel in my signiture, Jirayia's bio.
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