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    Awards Showcase

    Sakkuren Zubaki

    Basic Information
    Name: tasimori harribel changed to sakkeren zubaki
    Nickname: just sakkeren
    Gender: female
    Age: 23
    Clan: arrancar

    Looks: she hes a black hair to shoulder.
    her right eye is red and the left one is dark purple. she has a number 2 on her neck that is covered with bandages and her left hand has bandages on it

    Personality: sakkuren is calm.level-headed and analytical, preferring not to engage in combat; she is content with silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion, and refuses to fight.She strongly opposes the notion of killing others, especially if done to gain power.
    she is so suffered from losing her sister tier harribel (halibel) and stands up against Hueco Mundo but still has a kind heart from inside but from out side she is like a soul less vessel
    and she thinks she is hated by all the world because she is an arrancar

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: hueco mundo
    Village of Alliance: N/A

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: S-Jeunin
    Specialty: illusions
    Elements: N/A
    Your ninjutsu: N/A

    Background Info.
    History: after being born as a snake shape Vasto Lorde she got separated from her sister halibel and they both got raised on different places but years later she became an arrancar by Aizen Sōsuke to have an eye on a certain arrancar ,halibe.
    but cause they had been separated for so long she was unable to recognize her sister so he tried to do as aizen said but one day she got some information about halible in Szayelaporro Grantzs (the arrancar 8) lab that she was separated from her sister when she was young so she found out that halibel was her sister but the time she found out Aizen was dead so halibel asked her to help her to control Hueco Mundo but sakkuren refused and didn't tell halibel that she is her sister and left Hueco Mundo .
    after a while she decided to tell halibel but when she got to Hueco Mundo she found her sister captured by a group called Vandenreich and tried to help her but she saw her sister die right before her eye and never had the chance to say she is her sister
    after that she got forced to help Vandenreich but during one of the missions she managed to run away with the help of the captain of the sixth squad, Keisuke Kuchiki,
    and now she is in the third squad but no one knows who she is except the captain of the sixth squad and the captain of the third squad Akiria Irrackrhia Hitsuguya cause she changed her identity and appearance



    Theme Song and Background Music:Impertium


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