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    Re: Do you think it's normal for a straight male to say this to same gender?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasunarufan13 View Post
    Well, one can say something objectively about the same gender. For example: I can say that Hinata is beautiful. Does that mean I'm a lesbian? I just objectively admire her looks (even though she's a fictional character)
    The same could be say about that guy though it could be that he's gay. Doesn't matter really

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    Sexual orientation of other members at Nb is not your concern unless they are proposing you in some way, isn't it?

    Quote Originally Posted by NBSax View Post
    Me too, but I'm not saying another male is hot. Saying hot have a sense of malicious sexual content.

    No, saying good looking is not the same as saying HOT. I can say another males are good looking but not HOT.

    Saying hot have a means of malicious sexual content.

    Kid, the true meaning of hot in the person is that it has some malicious sexual content.

    In the culture of our country, when your a male and you told another male that he's hot, you're instantly a suspect of being gay.

       Malice : desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness.

    Only maliciousness I see is in the creation of this thread itself. Global forum rules explicitly prohibit making any threads to flame or to make suggestions about sexuality of another user.

    Flaming: A flame is an insult or slur directed to a member. Listed below are our definitions of "flames":

    Insults: Any type of insult directed from one member to another member. Please remember that there is a big difference between "criticism" and "insulting".
    Homosexual Slurs: Any type of homosexual slur directed from one member to another member, whether it'd be false claims that the member being flamed is a homosexual, or mocking a homosexual member for their sexual preference.
    Sexual Slurs: Any type of sexual slur directed from one member to another member, whether it'd be describing explicit sexual behaviors involving the member being flamed, or typing sexually explicit slurs using the likeness of the member being flamed.
    Racial Slurs: Any type of slur directed from one member to another member or ethnic background insulting a specific ethnic background.
    This is the second time you have created a thread to flame another user within hours. Get over it. Such threads are prohibited. Do it again & you will be infracted.
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