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    Soul Evans The Red Devil V3

    |Basic Information|
    Name: Soul Evans
    Nickname: The Red Devil of The Uchiha Clan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Clan: Uchiha
    Eye color: Red

    Soul Evans was a very casual dressed young man. He wore brown khaki's/jeans. A yellow and white jersey sweater with a white headband which include a pin on the left side. This would be the only outfit he would wear through his life. Sometimes he would wear a blue shirt, white pants with a small headband for his regular activities such as playing basketball, relaxing at home etc. Soul sometimes liked to dress up for parties or playing his piano inside his soul in which he would wear a black suit with a red shirt and tie. Later on he would change his outfit to a orange shirt with a brown jacket. Now Soul wears a red T-shirt with battle pants that have pouchs for multiple ninja tools.

    Soul is known to have a split personality. Usually Soul is a quiet, careless, and sad. Though in battle Soul's entire personality changes. He becomes vicious, crazed and obsessed with winning. Through this personality change his strength increases and his sharingan unlocks but when the battle is finish he returns his usual self and his sharingan deactivates. Some believe that this split personality is induced by a demon living inside of Soul's mind that influences him whenever he is in battle.

    |Village Info|
    Village of Birth Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance Rogue Ninja

    |Rank//Chakra Info|
    Ninja rank: S-Class Ninja
    Lightning| Wind| Kenjutsu

    |Water Release|
    |Earth Release|
    |Wind Release| |Fire Release| |Lightning Release|

    Your Ninjutsu:
    Ninjutsu: In Progress
    Genjutsu: In Progress
    Taijutsu: Mastered
    Kenjutsu: Mastered
    Kaito's Taijutsu: Not Started


    Chapter 1

    Soul Evans was born from Hope Senju and Katsu Uchiha. Soul was born to the Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure. At birth it was determined that Soul would be a powerful ninja. Hope was a powerful medical ninja from the Senju clan but through all the ridicule she stayed with her one love, Katsu Uchiha. The Uchiha took Hope into there family with open arms and eventually noth married and gave birth to Soul.

    For a couple of years Soul lived his childhood fairly well and happily. Soul had his friends and family and place he could call home. At age 4 the time came that Katsu knew Soul was ready to become a ninja. Katsu told Soul to pack up his things for the long trip to train him in The Hidden Oasis. Soul knew that he would probaly never see his friends or family again but he had to suck it up for the village. Katsu and Soul were off to The Hidden Oasis to train. On the way there they had met many people but of all of them the most unforgettable was a young and powerful ninja on a mission named Itachi Uchiha. They met at The Bridge of Tsuakanara. Itachi told Soul "Do not forsake yourself because you fear too much, but because you gave up your imagination to get rid of your fears. That is what a true coward would do.". Those words kept in Soul's head through every ordeal he had to overcome. His father knew it too but feared that Soul would not succumb to the his plans.

    The day had finally come. Katsu and Soul had finally reached The Hidden Oasis. That is when the true training started. Soul was 8 at the time and he was already learning to channel both his Wind and Lightning affinities. This training never exhausted Soul's chakra. Soul was a prodigy and Katsu he would become a fine weapon for The Uchiha Clan. Katsu knew if he could control Soul he would have a the ultimate weapon to take over The Uchiha Clan then the world. Soul progressed quickly and by the age 9 he started training in Lightning and Wind under his fathers tutelage. Katsu knew he was ready and proceeded with his plans. The day was May 9th. Soul would later call this day "The Worlds Dawn". That night while Soul was peacefully resting Katsu placed a seal upon Soul's chest which was supposed to seal his chakra and give Katsu full control over his body. The plan went terribly wrong. Soul started to shake as his opened to reveal that he had awakened his 2 tomoe sharingan. Chakra was leaking from his body and started to influence the seal, creating it into something unstable. The seal exploded and this resulted in a chakra explosion the size of gamabunta which destroyed The Hidden Oasis and killed his father. Soul was passed out in a crater in the middle of where The Hidden Oasis used to be. Guardian Ninja whom protected the oasis came to find Soul. They were shocked to see that Soul was only 9 years old. Though they didn't hesitate and placed Soul in a maximum security prison where he was supposed to be locked up forever.

    Prison life had hardened Soul on the inside and outside. Everyone feared Soul and no one messed with him. Soul had killed many prisoners to the point where they had to place him in solitary confinement. Soul knew this is the way he would have been spending the rest of his life. This gave Soul time to think about the world and remember the good times. Soul remembered his beautiful mother and how good she treated him. Soul remembered Itachi and those inspirational words that he told him. Soul then remembered his father and that night, what he had did to him, and the dead motionless body on the floor that was him. Soul remembered The Hidden Oasis and his training. Soul then remembered Itachi's words, that is when Soul decided that fear was keeping him back. Soul knew that he was afraid of the outside world and seeing his mothering again after she found out that he had killed her husband. That is when Soul decided that he would leave his imagination behind from that point on. Just that moment something clicked in his head. He heard a demonic voice whisper "Soul I am here for you. I am all you have and I am all you need." Soul then could feel someone inside of him but could never imagine who. He just went with it, that feeling, the feeling his got that day was blood lust. Soul devised a full proof plan to escape the prison and no leave any traces behind. The plan had begun, Soul gathered his Raiton chakra and blasted through the prison walls, killing everyone inside. From that point Soul decided to go back to Konohagakure to see his mother once more.

    Shade had finally arrived in Konohagakure. After 10 years he had arrived back to his home. He saw many familiar faces as he walked through town but all of them were fill with sorrow. Finally he had arrived at his old home in hopes of seeing his mother again but rather he saw an old man with a message. He said "Hello Soul, we knew you were coming and we the Senju clan regret to tell you that your mother Hope Senju had been killed by assasins The Uchiha Clan long ago as a plan to test on here genes.From that point on he felt differently about everything. Never enthusiastic or happy, he was just sad and cold, he never again felt anything. Soul felt empty as he left the village trying to hide his tears. He promised that he would become stronger and hunt down his dear mothers killers. Soul did become stronger indeed with the help of expert level swordsman, ninjas, and assassins from all around the world. Should'nt be hard at all.

    Chapter 2

    During the duration of Soul's travels to find his mother's killer he didn't get too many leads to the whereabouts of any Uchiha Clan members. Soul had ventured to a town named Himitsu taun. At first sight it was basically a ghost town. Soul had to pass through the town and search for any clues of an Uchiha's presence. As he searched the ghost town he couldn't find anything at all. Just as Soul got onto the main road to leave the town suddenly a cloaked man jumps from an alley way and attack Soul with a scythe like weapon. Soul then engaged him in battle aggressively rushing him. The man was surprised how much stronger Soul was than his appearance would have showed. Though the cloaked man was also a skilled fighter. The mystery man fought with calmed motions and swift attacks. Soul would come to find out he was no match for this skilled fighter. The mystery man had found an opening in Soul' aggressive fighting style and had swept Soul right off of his feet. As Soul laid across the ground in shock the cloaked man had gone for the final blow with the blade of scythe. Soul had closed his eyes in accepting his own death. Seconds had passed and Soul realized he was still alive. The mystery man had a smile on his face.

    The man had sparred Soul's life. "You're quite the powerhouse for your age" the mystery man had said. "Psshh, I know grandpa" Soul said. The man smiled has he chopped Soul in the head. "Too bad you lack discipline and technique. My name is Star Of The Senju Clan" the mystery man had said. "Why did you spare my life? You should have finished me you." Soul said. "You remind me of my long lost sister Hope." Star had said. Soul then proclaimed how he had been looking for his sister for many years. Soul listened in disbelief as he heard Star ramble about his sister which Soul knew was his mother. "I am Hope's son." Soul said. Star had stood there is shocked as the words slithered out of Soul's mouth. "Well your her son, where is my sister?" Star said with a happy expression on his face. "She is dead." Soul said with a blank expression. Star stood there with a shocked expression on his face."Well nothing I can do now. Looks like I wasted a good portion of my life for nothing. " Star said as he laughed. Soul then punched Star across the face and watch as he dropped to the floor. "How dare you say there is nothing that can be done. What about revenge?" Soul said in anger. "Hah, like you could avenge your mother's death. Your mother was one of the most powerful Senju that ever lived. I doubt a kid like you would be able to take down whoever could take down Hope." Star said. "I will find the Uchiha who did it and kill them" Soul said in anger as he accidently activated his sharingan. "Hmm, so you're not of pure blood. Must explain why you have so much potential and the amount." Soul had calm down seconds later.

    Star had invited Soul back to his home for dinner and to talk. They kept the conversing brief then the had both went to bed. The next day it was time for Soul to be on his way. Star knew in his heart that maybe someday Soul would be able to find the man whom had killed his sister and defeat them. Before Soul had left Star offered Soul his scythe called The Forgotten Reaper to Soul saying it would help him in future fights that he will have to win if he ever wants to find his the man who killed Hope. Soul was finally off to continue his search for the man who killed his mother.


    Lightning Release:
    Due to Raiton being her first affinity she can perform justu with 1-2 handseals.

    Wind Release:
    Due to Fuuton being his 2nd affinity and his many breathing exercises during his training at The Hidden Oasis he can perform Wind techs quickly and smoothly.

    Enhanced senses.
    Due to his meditating in The Hidden Oasis, his senses of smell, touch, and hearing are advanced due the quietness and serenity of The Hidden Oasis, however it's still a far cry of people like sensors, Inuzuka etc.

    Soul thinks very actively and has the ability know exactly what kind of situation he is in and use the most logical strategy to get out of it.

    Custom Jutsu:
    During his time in prison Soul developed a genjutsu that affects all your senses. Soul also learned justu from all the other prisoner's that he hadn't killed yet.

    Never Ending Pit Of Death

    Chakra Cost:30
    Damage Points:60
    Description:The user cast a genjutsu on the opponent to make it seem as if a huge hole formed under him and he is falling to his death. While the opponent is in the midst of the jutsu, the user may finish him quickly or slowly torture him until he dies.
    Tip: It is best used when your opponent is making handseals
    * Can only be used once a match*
    *Can Only Be Taught By Shade Dracova*

    Soul's Jutsu


    The 2T sharingan allows the user to perceive motions as well as be able to copy the motions perceived. An example of this is when Sasuke was fighting Rock Lee. When activated the user's eyes turn blood red, and gain two extra pupils, the tomoe which surrounds the original pupil. At this level the user gains a better understanding of the sharingan. The user can now anticipate and analyze faster movement, as well as mimic minor movements made by an opponent. The user can now track handseals as well, allowing one to predict ninjutsu and help avoid it. The user is now able to pierce through visual C rank genjutsu and below.

    The Forgotten Reaper:
    Soul was given a special scythe which had many abilities to better him in combat. It is called The Forgotten Reaper.

    (Wasureta shinigami)-The Forgotten Reaper
    Type: Supplementary
    Chakra Cost: 40(20+ with additional techniques in use)
    Description: Thousands of years ago a scythe was forged by a great warrior Shiro Kazuma. Kazuma was known as the most powerful warrior alived and was praised to by many. Kazuma never could have enough power so he put all of his energy into making the ultimate weapon in hopes he could rule the world. Kazuma forged the metal from meteorite. Kazuma put all his blood and sweat into this scythe but his project came to a fatal end when he died of a heart attack and the scythe was never finished

    - The Forgotten Reaper is indestuctible

    - Due to the warriors specialty being Katon and Fuuton, the user gets +5 damage points on all Katon. The user can also perform Fuuton with 1 less handseal.


    -Can only be used by Shade Dracova or anyone given permission to use by Shade Dracova

    -The scythe will become 500 pounds if it is wileded by anyone but the owner or anyone given permission to hold by the wielder

    - The Forgotten Reaper weighs 50 pounds so the user must have somewhat training in taijutsu to prove his muscle strength.

    -While wielding The Forgotten Reaper you cant use S rank jutsu for any of the Basic 5 elements except for Katon and Fuuton while the scythe is in the wielders hands.

    It should look something like this:

    Theme Song and Background Music

    Lost: :confused:

    Updating:Soul Evan V2

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