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    Basic Information
    Name: Amani Takaru
    Nickname: Storm
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Clan: Missing nin

    Looks: Plain white mask that covers everything but the eyes. His eyes are a dark red with a thin black outline. He wears an outfit similar to that of the akatsuki’s minus the red clouds. Hs sandals are metal and cover his whole leg up to his knees and his hair is white with the a style similar to that of Jiryaa’s. His akatsuki like outfit only reveals the middle of his chest (Metal armor can be seen). He wields two samurai swords, one on the right side and one on the left.

    Personality: Amani is a very carefree man but will get serious if he feels the situation calls for it. He believes in honor and fighting to protect your nakama. Will not associate himself with those known for betrayal or dishonorable behavior. He see’s battle as a sort of childish game, often laughing in near death experiences and smiling upon the realization that his opponent is stronger. His resilience can be described as being like shinobi from the Uzumaki clan, and he will never give up, even if he had lost limbs etc. Despite his usual kindness, he is ruthless in battle and will not hesitate to decapitate or cut you up into many pieces. He hates having to attack children but will not hesitate to kill a child if it was deemed necessary for survival.

    Village Info. Unknown
    Village of Birth: Unknown
    Village of Alliance: Whoever can pay him the most and who he see’s as being the most honorable

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Specialty: Speed, Swordsmanship and illusions
    Elements: N/A
    Your ninjutsu: N/A

    Background Info.
    Amani’s parents were nomads who did not want to be restricted by any villages rules or the wars that accompanied them. They were by no means shinobi and didn’t have much experience in battle. Amani lived a free life, traveling from village to village, playing with the local children and just enjoying himself; this is where his carefree attitude came from. On the night of his 12th birthday his parents were trying to get through a forest near the hidden leaf village when they encountered two thugs claiming to be Jounin and working for the Hokage. The thugs asked for money as payment to continue moving, Amani’s parents had been running low so the thugs thought it was a good opportunity to test out their new jutsu. They viciously killed Amani's parents and left Amani there to die, no food or water. Not much is known about what happened after that but some say he met up with a trainer whilst hunting (who had been on a mission) and spent years learning ninjutsu with one goal, to avenge his family. 8 years later Amani resurfaced onto the world as a missing nin, doing jobs wherever he could. Villagers recognized his ability and would often recruit him for assassination missions (this is how he made a name for himself). The dangers of his missions forced him to don a white mask in order to hide his identity, and it forced him to live a secluded life so that those around him would not be killed or targeted by vengeful shinobi. He now spends his life learning new techniques and searching for the killers of his mother and father


    Theme Song and Background Music:

    Won: 0
    Lost: 0
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