Basic Information
Name: Layfon Alseif
Nickname: Hot Head Layfon|FlashBang|Sex Machine
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Clan: Scorch clan

Layfon is a young man that stands at 6ft 3inches. He has blue eyes, brown hair and is light skinned. Layfon wears a red, white, blue and gold jacket with black pants and a pair of jordan 4's. Layfon is a well dressed young man and he loves shopping so he can keep his swag level very high. He buys some of the most expensive brands such as Gucci, Prada, Nautica and Ralp Lauren Polos. He also wears rolex watches.

When it's time to battle, Layfon wears a necklace with a picture of his family around his neck. This necklace is to give him good luck in battle and to remind him that he fights to live another day for his family. Layfon always carries a sword on his back. His clothes always have to match with his sword.

Layfon is a very carm and collective guy. He likes being by himself but cares about people. He is a very hard working young man and loves proving his loyalty to his village. Layfon loves relaxing under trees and reading books while enjoying nature. Layfon is very respectful to his superiors mainly because his parents were always strict.

On his spare time, Layfon loves training and sparring with other to improve his skills. He always show great determination when it comes to his training. Layfon has a side of him that very few knows of. He loves partying and getting drunk. He has a sex problem, often stalking women even though they all love him and would like to do weird stuff with him because of his bad-boy attitude. Layfon personality changes drastically when he is drunk, it's like a beast if released when he's drunk. In certain situations, Layfon personality changes, when he is in a battle, it's like he loses all his emotions and has a killing intent most of the time. This was caused by the number of murders Layfon witnessed as a child and during war.

Village Info.
Village of Birth: Sunagakure
Village of Alliance: Rouge

Rank//Chakra Info.
Ninja Rank: Sage by post
Specialty: Scorch|Katon|Futon|Weapons
Elements: Katon|Raiton|Doton|Suiton|Futon
Your ninjutsu:
Scorch- Need Training
Summoning Animal: Wombat
Summoning Animal: Wombat

Scroll Owner: Oasis Nara
Other Users who have signed contract: Mattobi, Zancrow, ~Jellal.F~
Summoning Boss if existing: Diprotodon
Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: Cracker, Remus and Romulus

My customs-

Background Info.
Layfon was born in the village hidden in the sand. He was born with a special kg know as Scorch release. Layfon grandparents had great knowledge on the kg and they passed it all onto Layfon.



The Scorch Release is a advanced chakra nature Kekkai Genkai Ability that is from the Land of Wind. It is presumably compramised from the two basic elemental natures of fire and wind. This nature creates chakra that is capable of heating up an enemy to the point where it can evapourate water from their body. It has been shown to be manipulated by a renound ninja of her time Pakura in the form of multiple orbs of energy that spin around her and at her will are sent at her opponent to evapourate water from their bodies. It is presumed this Kekkai Genkai natured element can be manipulated in other various ways such as flames or burning waves of energy. It could even evapourate moisture from mud and turn it into clay these are some variable possibilities of using this element.

Will Power
Layfon is a determined young man. He believes in never giving up and fighting to the very last second in every battle. This will power helps Layfon in battle. Injuries won't stop him from fighting nor will pain. His determination to become the best shinobi drives him on in battle.

Layfon has trained hard over the years. Futon was the first element he mastered and he continues growing his skills in it. He started to make his own futon jutsus and because of his mastery with it, he can use most jutsus with one handseal. His skills in futon will someday be known by the entire ninja world.

Layfon has great skills with katon. He is able to use high level katon jutsus with ease. He executes his jutsus with 100 percent power without messing up in the process.

Layfon carries a sword on his back. He got this sword at the age of 10 and he kept training with it. He uses it in every battle.


Theme Song and Background Music: