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    Naruto 598 prediction

    soruce: http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....rediction.html


    Naruto shows no mercy!

    Kakashi: Wait Naruto!!
    Naruto: Sorry Kakashi sensei, I've had enough of his bullshit.
    Naruto attacks Tobi but slips through.
    Tobi: *It's risky to use my sharingan now that Kakashi has figured it out, I'll have to switch to the rinnegan.*
    Tobi: Bansho Tennin!
    Naruto gets pulled in
    Narutos cloak creates two hands which form a rasenshuriken
    Naruto: *Switch to absorption*
    Tobi: *I get your play, you're forcing me to absorb your rasenshuriken which stops me from pulling you in, giving you the ground advantage to get close to me, nice try.*
    Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
    Naruto gets sent back
    Naruto: Dammit, I forgot about that.
    Kyuubi: Naruto, you have access to all my chakra, don't hold back.
    Naruto: Right!
    Naruto: Kage bunshin no jutsu!
    Naruto creates 5 clones
    Naruto: Let's go!
    A flash of light
    Tobi: !??
    Tobi is shown with all 5 Naruto's surrounding him
    Tobi: *Fast*
    Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
    Naruto clone: Eat this!
    Naruto throws a kunai at Tobi
    Tobi: * A plain old kunai?*
    Tobi: Sharingan!
    Tobi sees 10 mini rasen shurikens around it
    Tobi: *I'll have to absorb it until tensei is off cool down*
    A giant Naruto chakra hand holding mini bijuu dama launched behind him.
    Tobi: *I'll have to use both hands*
    Tobi's hands both aiming at the attacks
    Naruto: Now both his hands are occupied!
    Tobi: !?
    Naruto's clone speed blitzes in front of Tobi, about to punch him in the throat.
    Gai: Nice! Tobi can't dodge it!
    Tobi: Clever boy.
    Tobi does the matrix and bends his back, dodging the mini rasenshuriken and mini bijuu dama which are in line to hit the Naruto clone coming from the front
    Naruto: gotcha!
    Tobi: !!?
    Out from naruto's chest comes another chakra hand which punches Tobi into the ground badly.
    Kakashi: !!
    Gai: NICE!
    Bee: yeeeeeeeee Naruto did it!
    Tobi: Urgh...he got me..
    Naruto grabs Tobi by the collar
    Naruto's about to punch Tobi
    Tobi: Do it, it's what you want.
    Naruto: !?
    Tobi: Can't finish me like you couldn't finish Sasuke? I killed your mother and father, and I'll kill all your friends, one by one.
    Kakashi: NARUTO WAIT!
    Naruto punches Tobi's mask, which cracks a lot.
    Naruto: Still so durable, one more will do the trick.
    Kakashi jumps in the way
    Naruto: Kakashi sensei!?
    Tobi: !?
    Kakashi: Naruto, I can't let you do it.
    Naruto: WHY!? WERE ABOUT TO WIN?
    Kakashi looks back and down on Tobi
    Kakashi: that you...
    Tobi: Kakashi...that boy is long dead, forever a piece of memory lost in the past. You fools don't see that I'm going to bring peace to this world, in my own right way, the way it should be!
    Kakashi: If you're not Obito...then who are you...
    Tobi: I am the darkness the lies in the hearts of mankind. I am hatred, I am Pain.
    Tobi puts his hand up and blasts Kakashi and Naruto away with shinra tensei
    Naruto: Dammit...
    Kakashi: !?
    Tobi uses the hell realms mouth and steps inside it, only to come back out good as new.
    Gai: Impossibru....
    Bee: Shit yo..he back to normal!
    Tobi: I will do what Nagato could never do.
    Tobi makes hand seals
    Gedo Mazo puts out the metal bar which impales Tobi in the back
    Tobi: Kill you.
    Gedo Mazo's mouth opens.
    The rinnegans deadliest jutsu!
    Chapter end.


    598: Shockwave

    Naruto is charging towards Tobi. Naruto inside his mind is looking at the kyubi.

    Naruto: "So you understand what Im gonna do?"
    Kurama: "Yeah its risky but it should work."

    Naruto powers up a rasengan as he is mere feet away from tobi.

    Tobi: "You still are gonna try the same stupid trick after that. Didn't you learn anything?"

    Naruto begins to phase through tobi as he makes impact with him. Suddenly a huge explosion occurs as naruto's rasengan suddenly expands massively then hits the ground less than a foot behind Tobi causing him to crash forward towards kakashi and guy.

    Tobi: "!!!!"

    Tobi turns himself around as he crashes down in time to see naruto charging towards him from behind. Tobi franticly parries a punch from naruto as they both land on the ground. Naruto vanishes instantly as tobi struggles to push back naruto. Naruto suddenly appears charging with two rasengans from several feet away. Naruto looks to kakashi and kakashi nods his head as Tobi suddenly ports away. Naruto suddenly charges into tobi getting sucked into the dimension as well.

    Guy: "Naruto! What happened?"
    Kakashi: "I think I know what naruto is trying to do."

    Kakashi uses kamui causing a huge portal to appear. Naruto suddenly charges out of it backwards and powers up a rasenshuriken. Tobi comes through the portal just in time to see a rasenshuriken heading straight for him. Tobi tries to dodge it but it explodes just as the portal closes.

    Tobi: "Shit!"

    Tobi ports away at the last second but the blast hits him regardless. Tobi ports in a few feet away with his clothes heavily damaged from the blast with several cracks on his mask. Naruto stands there breathing heavily as Tobi looks on at him.

    Tobi: "Now its my turn and its time I ended this!"

    Tobi does a handsign but then nothing happens.

    Tobi: "!!! What is going on!"
    Kakashi thinking: "Its over now for tobi."
    Naruto: "Its the effect of the rasenshuriken. Several of your chakra valves have just been severed. Your ability to use chakra is fading away. Now its time I ended this."
    Tobi: "Noo!"

    Tobi charges towards naruto as naruto charges at high speed towards gedo maza.

    599: Tobi's last stand

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    Re: Naruto 598 prediction

    Narutos cloak creates two hands which form a rasenshuriken
    Naruto: *Switch to absorption*
    Tobi: *I get your play, you're forcing me to absorb your rasenshuriken which stops me from pulling you in, giving you the ground advantage to get close to me, nice try.*
    I don't like this part. Tobi can suck Naruto into the alternate dimension without being in it himself...

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    Re: Naruto 598 prediction

    Pretty good but to long

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    Re: Naruto 598 prediction

    The 'Destroyer' prediction is the most accurate and shows case Naruto grow in terms of Strategy which we seen during the Pain fight.

    Well done keep them coming :D

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    Re: Naruto 598 prediction

    :Dhope... something in the predictions will come out.

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    Re: Naruto 598 prediction

    first prediction not good for me... and it's obvious that it says tobi = obito

    second prediction is okay,,, but will never happen.

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