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    J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    So since my last thread many views I will post an update here:

    For those who don't know. Jirayas book Tales of a gutsy ninja is a real
    novel, or better they made it a real novel. It came out in Japan and
    as I found out not in America or as an Englisch version.

    So I bought the German translation but don't have time at the moment to
    read it and tell you what happened.

    So I scaned through the first 5 pages and made a short translation of the introduction for you.
    Just tell me if you were interested in the book. I may do a whole translation when I have time.

    Here some pictures from the book:


    Picture of J-man, Kushina and Minato

    J-Mans signature ( kinda like it ^^ )

    Character Names and Map

    So here's the translation of the first few pages, note I didn't have time to correct spelling mistakes and sometimes the book uses quite strange expressions.

    Prologue; My name is ..... (page 9 )

    A noise slit/cut the silence. Naruto had a narrow escape by hiding behind the tree, when the Kunai of the enemy
    piereced into the trunk. 'Don't you want to quit sometime ?' the Shinobi shouted.
    'I've had enough of this child's play ! '
    Hardly breathing, Naruto rummaged in his pocket and found a Kunai and two SmokeBombs.
    Without hesitation he took out one SmokeBomb and and threw it from his ambush at the enemy.
    The projectile exploded and immediately the enemy was wrapped in dense smoke.
    Naruto jumped out from the tree, helt his Kunai firmly in his hand and aimed at the silhouette of his enemy.
    The sound of a clashing blade resounded in the woods.
    'uff..' He knelt down involuntarily. When the smoke had cleared, he saw the dagger of his enemy directly in front of
    his eyes. ' Just quit ' the Shinobi shouted.
    Naruto leant on his knees and muttered something while painfully sitting up.

    Pg. 10
    ' May I ask you something ? '
    ' Just in this moment you have leisure to ask me something ? ' the enemy sneered, took is dagger and attacked.
    'Just quit !' He knocked Naruto at a tree with full power.
    ' I'll certainly not quit ! ' Naruto responded. The next second he vanished in a huge smoke cloud and appeared
    at his enemy's back. ' YOU better quit ! '
    When he dashed his dagger behind the adversarial ninja to the ground, he collapsed.
    'Hihi' the defeated enemy laughed.
    ' You may have defeated me but other killer will come soon to your village.'
    Naruto look down silent at his enemy.
    ' There is no such thing as peace in this cursed shinobi world' The shinobi shouted.
    ' Then I will break this curse ' Naruto replyed, while trying to controll his decreasing amount of chakra.
    ' If there is anything like true peace I will fill it, whatever the cost, and I will never let it go. Quitting is no option for me '
    The eyes of both of them collided while the leaves of the trees danced in the wind.

    pg. 11

    'Wh..who are you ? ' The shinobi asked his conqueror who look though the trees upwards into the blue sky.
    ' My name is .....'

    Preface to chapter 1 pg. 12

    The king of the south was called SHUKU, the king of the north was called KOTSU,
    and the king of the center was called KONTON.
    Shuku and Kotsu often met at the territory of Konton, who always welcomed them.
    So they descided to make Konton a special present. They though:
    As eveyone knows, the human body has 7 meatuses in his head, if you take mouth, nose,
    ears and eyes as one. Konton however had none of these.
    ' How about making him every day a new meatus on his head. ? ' Shuku and Kotsu thought.
    When they descided this, they started drilling holes in 7 days into Konton's head.
    At the 7th day, Konton finally died.

    Chapter 1: The mission pg. 13
    All of a sudden Naruto jumped from a bush, quickly looked around and ran as fast as he could to the
    nearby wall. Done ! He emediately concentrated his chakra and tried to find out , how many people
    where behind it. 6 in total. He took a deep breath, climbed the wall and peeked carefully over it.
    ' Perfect ! The mist is so deep, that noone can see me.' Naruto aimed at the only blured visible figures and
    formed his Handseals
    ' Sheep, Ape, Bird, Dog ! "JINPUHAZAN ! " ' ( [ Note: Found out possible translation could be
    Great Hurricane Cutter ] )
    Just when he said the Jutsu's name a strong gust of wind rose and the mist vanished.
    Now he could see some outlines and he bend forward to see better.
    He somehow must decrease the mist even more without letting them notice.

    So I hope you like it. I will try to read the whole book for you and may post a translation.

    ( I hope you recognized that this Naruto is not our Naruto :D )
    Oh and if someone finds an English version or a translation just tell me,
    so I don't have to do this twice

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    The pictures are not working, apparently the site isn't allowed.

    Also the first part was already in the manga. It says something like 'Just give up' instead of 'just quit'.
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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    ye non of them work

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    Looks great and I would love to read it, but do you know a place where I could order The tales of J-man?

    PS: Pictures work fine here

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    They work for me, thanks for posting this.

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    Don't know why they only work for some. I always upload it on the same hompage and there where never problems.

    To the manga part. I know but I couldn't find the chapter for the original translation. You could say both. If they used give up it's ok.

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    None of the pictures worked but +rep for the effort. Thanks for this man

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    Thank you all, I will try to translate more of the pages, soon.
    If you have a website where I could upload the pictures I would re-upload them.

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    I am so buying it
    They need to get an English version out too

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    So here the next 3 pages that's the end of the first part of chapter 1

    Pg. 14

    Although he had learned the Jutsu of the mouse-hermit some time ago, it was difficult for
    him to control his Chakra in such a hairy situation.
    The wind slowly stopped and the shapes were wrapped by mist again.
    'D*mn, I nearly made it ' Naruto thought, clicked his tongue and formed his Hand seals a second time.
    ' Now I'll simply try my jutsu again ' At this point he heard a voice suddenly appearing from nowhere
    ' What nonsense are you doing there ? ' Naruto frightened and stopped.
    ' You’re an absolute beginner, right ? ' Cold sweat ran down his face.
    ' If you continue using Nin-Jutsu for your silly pranks you'll never get anywhere. '
    Naruto winced when hearing the voice.
    Afraid he looked around and who saw he there ?
    It was Tsuyu who (female ) stood directly behind him.
    ' You st*pid little peeper ' Tsuyu shouted and kicked Naruto at full tilt in his face, whereupon
    Naruto flew directly into one of the hot springs, in which some women bathed.
    They started to panically scream and went for the poor guy, as if they wanted to tear him into pieces.

    pg 15

    ' Transformation ! Ouch, ou ! Stop it ! '
    He got away from the women by the skin of his teeth and finally reached moaning the edge, where
    Tsuyu waited for him.
    She stood there, motionless and terrifying like a furious temple guard.
    ' Wait, Tsuyu, just let me explain ! '
    But Tsuyu gave him no time for that, but shouted at him.
    ' Your are such an id*ot, Naruto ! What do you think you were doing, you p*rvert little peeper ? '
    She continued kicking Naruto's face till he floated totally done on the water.
    But Tsuyu wasn't done yet. When Naruto wanted to get out of the water,
    she flailed at him, again.
    ' You d*amn peeper '
    Suddenly Shu appeared on the scene, laid his on Tsuyu's shoulder and calmingly softened her tone.
    ' I think it's enough now, Tsuyu ' This was Naruto's rescue.
    If Shu hadn't come, it would have meant the end for him.
    ' Besides, we are having more important problems at the moment. '
    ' Shu..:Sensei---I---I...ahhh...Naruto ! ' Tsuyu shouted totally confused and paused.
    Foam sprang out of the kid's mouth and he had turned his eyes till you could only see the white part.
    ' You are a medic-nin, Tsuyu. You should help the people instead of beating them up ! ' Shu trounced Tsuyu.

    Pg 16 part 1

    ' I....I....I'm sorry, Naruto ' Tsuyu hugged him till his rips broke.
    ' Are you trying to kill me !? ' Naruto moaned
    ' Treat Naurto's wounds as fast as you can. The village elder of the 3rd generation called for
    a conference. All Jo-Nin should come'

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    Re: J-Man Tales of a gutsy ninja

    So here are some more pages.

    Pg 16
    part 2 )

    When Naruto entered the Assembly Hall he involuntarily boggled.
    It was a strange atmosphere in there. It used to be bright and friendly
    room, but now someone had locked all the windows and drawn the curtains.
    In the center stood the village elder of the third generation , surrounded by candles,
    whose flames glowed bright. In front of the candles stood the Jo-Nin who were
    already prepared for fighting, all rank and file.
    Naruto and Tsuyu held their breath.
    Where had they seen this scene before ?
    Mahiru Kokage had watched Naruto and now talked to him.
    ' You hurt yourself pretty bad there '
    ' Oh, well it's not so bad ' answered the startled Naruto and whispered into Tsuyu's ear
    ' Everything looks just like back then, you know, the Second Great Ninja War,
    doesn’t it ? '
    ' You're right ' Tsuyu responded.

    Pg 17

    ' Didn't Shu-Sensei tell you anything, Tsuyu ? '
    ' No, he didn't '
    ' Naruto ! Tsuyu ! Move to your places ' Shu rebuked.
    They looked at each other and went in front of their candles.
    It is common for the Village of Shuku to have such a candle-ceremony
    before every important mission. When watching the flame, you could
    see any disturbance in the Chakra-flow of any Shinobi.
    Naruto looked around. There were many candles burning in the hall but
    none of them guttered. A sure indication for having only Ninjas of the elite-class here.
    One candle however was without anyone standing behind it.
    ' Tsuyu ! ' Naruto whispered ' Where is Renge ? '
    Tsuyu shook her head.
    ' Well, we haven't got any news. We got different information, but it seems likely,
    that the whole village of Ton disappeared. '
    Mahiru Kokage announced, and all at once the eyes of the Jo-Nin lightened up for
    a second. He made sure that none of the candles guttered, then he continued.
    ' It seems like the mountain Hyatsuki is responsible for the disappearance of Ton ! '

    ( note: says that the correct translation for the mountain would be
    ' Hyakkizan ( Mountain of the thousand turtles ) ' So I will call it Hyakkizan in the
    following pages although it says 'Hyatsuki' )

    ' As we all know the Mountain is located 40 kilometers / 25 miles to the east.
    Rumor has it, the mountain moved and is now situated where Ton used to be.'

    Pg 18

    ' What ?! ' Naruto, who could control himself any longer, shouted.
    ' What are you talking there, old man ( the you is an informal you here )
    A mountain can't move '
    ' Just shut up and listen to the elder of the third generation. ' Shu shouted and
    punched Naruto
    ' Ouch ! '
    ' Naruto's right. I may be an old man but I have never heard anything that
    absurd in my entire life. ' Mahriu Kokage said and ran his fingers through his
    white chin-beard.
    He paused for a second, thought about something and then continued.
    ' So let's just take it, that the Mountain Hyakkizan really buried Ton under it,
    then we need to have an investigation.'
    Depressive silence spread through the assembly hall, the candle flames didn't move.
    But Naruto knew, that the natural Energy, which he gained with the help of his
    Sen-Jutsu, was so powerful, that it even influenced the Jo-Nin.
    And he knew something else. Renge wasn't at the meeting, because he was no
    longer in town. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Tsuyu's silhouette, which was
    illuminated by the candles.
    ' What is he talking about ? ' she whispered.
    Mahriu Kokage began to talk: ' It was at the time of the first great Ninja-War.

    Pg 20

    Back then the positions of power were distributed in a different way than today.
    There were 3 Villages, which where nearly equal in strength.
    In the center, between Shuku in the south and Kotsu in the north was the
    beautiful town of Konton located, at the foot of the mountain Hyakkizan.
    Water was abounded there, the citizens put value on good manners, and education
    and science were of great importance to them.
    But Kotsu wanted to seize power over Konton to strengthen his influence.
    But then he would have been more powerful then we.'
    Naruto spoke another time ' Wait a minute. We are compared to Konton a huge
    town, too, aren't we ? '
    ' That is correct ' Mahiru Kokage replied and held Tsuyu, who were about to punch Naruto, back.
    But from Konton's view Shuku and Kotsu were two villages with equal political
    and military power. To prevent one village from attacking them they simply had to
    ally with the other one. ' Naruto kept quite.
    ' So because Kotsu had planned to subject smaller villages with their military power,
    Shuku and Konton allied to initiate a new secret research project.
    Shuku paid all costs and brought the equipment and Konton brought his

    So I hope you like it, enjoy reading and I will post the next translations next week. I looked at the next page and it's going to be quite interesting, something about a secret Jutsu and some deaths. :D

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