can this pattern happen?

alive shinobi meet (relative/friend/past relationship/inspiration)dead shinobi

gaara meet his father
ino-sika-chou meet azuma
sai meet brother shin
mifune meet hanzo
kankuro meet sasori
tsunade meet dan
kakashi meet ?

if you are one of the believers that tobi = obito, then kakashi will meet obito=)

I hope that maybe tobi is attacking or playing the mind of kakashi.. guy sensei notice/worried kakashi's reaction after kakashi heard about the kannabi bridge. If kakashi is still thinking the past with his friend obito then how they will counter-attack without kamui? The fight between tobi will now depends on naruto's new powers(bijuu mode).

And we hope that in the next chapters they will introduce the "crash eye of obito" and how tobi managed to improve this eye.. =)