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    りボーン Reborn

    Basic Information
    Name: Reborn
    Nickname: Arcobaleno | Hitman Reborn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Clan: Magnetism
    Family: Luciano

    Personality: Ciaossu! From the age of two I have acted like an adult. I was able to walk and talk at that age, I didn't like kiddy things and was much more advanced in everything that I could do compared to even people older than me. I like beating on my students and have a very stern attitude. Not much can slip by me. Although being very serious, I love having fun, though what I think is fun is usually different to others around me. I say "Ciaossu" which is a combination of the Italian and Japanese greetings "Ciao" and "Ossu".

    Looks: I've always worn a suit, even at the age of two. Depending on how I feel it can change from a white suit to a black suit. I also wear a black fedora with a thick orange stripe running across the sides of the cone and on the brim sits my partner, Leon, a chameleon. I have black eyes any wear black boots. Under the suit I wear wither yellow or orange long sleeve polo shirts with a blue necktie underneath. Under my fedora I have long spiky hair that sticks up everywhere and long curly sideburns. As a baby I would also have a large yellow pacifier around my neck that I still carry with me in my jacket. I'm also quite tall, I seem skinny but i'm very well built.

    Village Information
    Village of Birth: Kumogakure
    Village of Alliance: Iwagakure

    Rank // Training Information
    Rank: Kage

    Earth - During my travels I have worked vigorously on my usage of the Earth element. With such intense training and years of practise, I have mastered the usage of earth to the extent where it takes but a single hand seal to perform all earth jutsu.

    Taijutsu - While Earth is my main elemental affinity, I am also very skilled in the usage of Taijutsu. I worked on this style of fighting for a long time, aiming to make it a valuable strength that I can rely on. With the training i've done I can now move much faster than most shinobi. My body can handle all kinds of things and I have incredible stamina.


    Fire - Complete
    Wind - Complete
    Water - Complete
    Earth - Complete
    Lightning - Complete

    Your Ninjutsu:

    Kenjutsu - In Progress
    Ninjutsu - In Progress
    Taijutsu - Complete
    Genjutsu - Complete
    Summoning - Stingrays
    Background Information
    History: I was born in the village of Kumogakure with my mama and father. I had an older brother and we all lived in the same house hold, as you would expect. Mama didn't work and my dad owned a small restaurant that had become very popular. My brother worked with my dad trying to earn the money. I developed incredibly early, being able to walk and talk by the age of one and a half. People originally thought I was cursed or something was wrong with me, and truth be told, I was cursed. I wasn't a fan of regular clothes, nor did I think they were too comfy. It was later on when I tried on a suit for the passing of mama's brother, a Kumogakure shinobi, that I knew they were for me. With the suit I wore a fedora that suited very well. During one of my morning walks, I noticed something crawling in the bushes. I walked over and had a look to see what it was and what I found was a small friendly chameleon. I stretched out my hand to pick it up and it jumped up onto my hand and crawled up onto my hat and sat on the brim.

    Cioassu~ I'm going to call you...Leon!

    My family wanted me to work in the restaurant, but that wasn't my style. I sought adventure. Something that would get the adrenalin rushing and be fun to do. That's when I remembered mama's brother. He was a ninja and before he died, he used to tell my brother and I stories of all the thrill seeking adventures he'd been on. Leon, now my partner, seemed to agree too. So when I got the chance I enrolled myself in Kumogakure's ninja academy. I was four at the time and everyone seemed so shocked that I was there at such a young age. Not just that, I was top scoring in everything. It wasn't long before I graduated and became a ninja and it was just as I heard. The adventures I got to go on were amazing, I learnt so many new skills and loved the thrill of having to put myself at risk.

    When I had grown up and became a very skilled ninja who was known all throughout Kumogakure, I decided it was time to take my adventures else where. The restaurant and my family was doing great, so they didn't really need me around. I left Kumo and began searching for new adventures to undergo and new things to learn. I met many people who all taught me so much. One of the places that i'll never forget is Amegakure. I stayed there for five whole months helping them defend their land from people who were trying to destroy it. It was a good test for me and made sure I was keeping my standards to par or above. It was always raining, so it seemed dull all the time. I told myself I was mentally training myself, the calming rain helped to think in dire situations but also helped me keep focused during battles because i've spent so long focusing on one thing. It was then where I decided to move on and continue my journey.

    My next stop was the village of Iwagakure, it's also where I am now. There were so many people there, all were friendly and accepted me in with open arms. In the mountains of Iwa was a small mafia famiglia, known as the Luciano. I instantly became interested and went to visit Luciano Primo, Mathias. He is a kind man who always looks out for his famiglia. To him you don't have to be blood related to be family, he just had to like you. After a while I was accepted into the famiglia. From that day on, a new chapter in my life started and it was...


    To Be Continued...

    Other Information
    Tonfa's - My preferred weapon of choice are tonfa's. I keep two sitting comfortably in the sleeves of my shirt. With a simple wrist movement I can make both fall from within the sleeves and land in my hands. They are reinforced with the toughest steel so they can't simply be cut down.

    Background Music & Battle Theme

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