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    Shade D. Luciano

    Basic Information
    Name: Shade D. Luciano
    Nickname: Big Boy|Inspector D| Dracova The Warrior
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Akimichi
    Shade is a fairly athletic young man. This shows reason as to why he has such a muscular build. Shade usually wears a dark red suit, black vest, and white shirt because Shade likes to look professional at all times. This includes when Shade is in a heated battle. Shade is always well groomed and keeps his hair short because he feels long hair on a man is barbaric. Shade originally had orange hair but he had died his hair black after he joined the Luciano family to keep himself look professional.
    Shade is very nonchalant. Shade has never really cared about anyone on the inside. Though on the outside Shade is smooth, cool, silly, and talkative person. Shade is rarely serious even when he battles. Shade is also very ambitious. Once his mind is set to something he will complete the what ever he set his sights on. Shade would die with a smile on his face if he had died completed would ever he had wanted to do. When in battle to protect something close to him Shade's personality signicantly changes. Shade becomes intellectual and agressive.

    Village Info
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Allegiance: Unknown
    Group Affiliation: Luciano

    Rank/Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank:S-Class Ninja
    Specialty: Lightning | Taijutsu | Akimichi Techniques
    土 火 水 電 風 燥 シ
    Earth | Fire | Water(C-Rank) | Lightning | Wind|

    Your Ninjustu
    忍 Ninjutsu(B-Rank) | 体 Taijutsu | 剣 Kenjutsu | 幻 Genjutsu (C-Ranks)

    Background Info

    The Mystery Man
    Not much is known about Shade D. Luciano's past because all records were of him were burnt when he became rogue and joined the Luciano Family. All that is known is that he had quite a history as an assassin back when he was a teenager and that he was part of the Akamichi clan from Konoha, which is clearly shown in his humongous appetite and that he was very good friends with the members of the Nara and Yamanaka clans. He originally also had the Akamichi clan symbol on his back.

    Other Info
    Shade first found that her nature chakra was that of Lightning. She has trained and used this nature with the utmost excellence and she is capable of using Lightning Release techniques with one handseal. She trained using an extensive training that has been forgotten by the ages.

    Akimichi Clan Abilities:
    Being apart of the Akimichi clan, Shade can use most of the Akimichi techniques. Though Shade is a bit inexperienced so he cant use 1 of the three pills and the clans most powerful technique Calorie Control.

    Battle Music!


    ~Approved~ next time you actually waste my time with a bio that has 2.5 lines bio history, just like with Jellal's bio, it will be instantly trashed.
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