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obito got his sharingan at the kanabi bridge. he technically didn't have it before then.

madara knew who nagato was and he stated that he didn't die from the fight with hashirama just that he awakened the rinnegan shortly before he died. is it not possible that he died right after he met nagato? we have no real idea what madara can do. where do we ever get a demonstration of his genjutsu abilities? its entirely possible that he used an extremely powerful genjutsu like the one shisui could use to control the mizukage.

like i said in other posts, I'm not totally convinced that tobi = obito or tobi = izuna or whatever. i acknowledge that its possible for nearly everyone to be right. there are certain scenarios that make tobi = obito make a lot of sense and certain scenarios that make tobi = izuna make a lot of sense. we'll just have to wait and see in the manga.
Yup, that's basically what I mean, I agree with you, but I'm still unwilling to guess who tobi really is:shrug: so let's find out!:o