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Oro uses edo tensei to ressurect "them" as sasuke refer to the scroll, which is most likely his parents.
Opt 1: Fugaku is tobi, and is thereby not ressurected, however, his mother explains everything to sasuke.

Opt 2: Madara tells the 5 kages about "tobi", and how he didn't die, before he moves towards naruto and bee.

Why is that? If we were to see the face of tobi next chapter we could not possebly recognize him as any character anyway, so it would have no meaning to the story line. Someone need to explain us first, due to the great importance his identity holds for us.

It wouldn't matter to naruto who it is, and tobi have no reason to tell us himself. So most likely we are told from someone else in the story. If it is madara that will mean tobi is izuna (possebly kagami?? But unlikely).

The key in the next chapter - or the ones after - is simply:

Whoever explains to us who tobi is. And imo only 3 options for this:
Mikoto (fugako = tobi)
madara ( izuna = tobi)
kakashi (obito = tobi)

however, if tobi = obito kishi would need 50 chapters to explain plot holes and time gaps, but he ain't that borred :p

it could also switch to another fight, before we get the explanation, may be in chapter 600 my prediction happen, typic kishi =) wait and see, have a good day.
same thing i was thinking