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    Haine Ramushutainā | Hyūga

    -Basic Information-

    Name: Haine Ramushutainā
    Nickname: The Executioner | Lucifer's Angel
    Gender: Male |
    Age: 19
    Clan: 日向一族 Hyūga Ichizoku |

    Looks | Personality:

    Haine is slightly lanky for his age and is occasionally referred as "Boy in Whites" due to his mane like white hair. His most significant features includes a kite summon tattoo on his arm and another plain dragon tattoo on his back. He is not exactly 'muscular', but looks fit on his ever present shirt and jeans. He also wears bandages on his hands inorder to safeguard his hand to some level from the dangerous training.Not exactly friendly, Haine had gone through so much mental pain that he is now partially feelingless and doesn't show any mercy. He is lay'd back when thing comes to public meetings, and anything else that includes "talking". He is more aggressive when fighting though. He doesn't seem to hold back anything and gives his full 100% on each work that he does. He uses his Byakugan to the most and enjoys punishing his rivals. In all those years, however, he learns to build certain respect and trust for Gin-San, that he can have for no one else.

    -Village Information-

    Village of Birth: Konohagakure |
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure |
    Samurai Affiliation:

    -Ninja | Chakra Information-

    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Speciality: Byakugan | Water | Rasengan


    雷遁 火遁 風遁 水遁
    Lightning = A-Rank | Water = Mastered | Fire = Mastered | Wind = B-Rank | Earth = Mastered

    -Background Information-
    Haine also known as the lost Hyuga was the son of the Toshiro Hyuuga and a medical ninja of hidden mist. His mother was unaware of Hyuga abilities and died right after giving birth to Haine, unable to accept the truth his father killed the entire ninja's after a month. Haine was kept in care by the Hokage of the Leaf and trained to be an assassin. He grew up slaughtering countless ninjas ruthlessly with the power of his eyes, which he eventually trained on.

    He then left the village, in search of power. The wandering soul consuming the light inside him, he struggled every day to live and fight the death itself. He steps in Yukigakure facing the Might army alone. Yuki’s threatened ninjas decided to take out the Hyuga as he attempted to destroy it for the sake of destroying. Haine fought fearlessly eliminating countless ninjas with his “moon eye” sword and that’s when he found himself standing in front of the great Rairen Uchiha. The one who was suppose to be dead years ago. Haine tightened the grip on his sword as he approached the mighty Uchiha. When he attacked Rairen didn’t defended and let the sword slide through him, but Haine stopped when he was very close to slaughtering him. And that’s when Rairen spoke “Welcome to Yuki”... This was the first time Haine felt himself accepted somewhere. He decided to devote his life to Yuki as he saw Rairen turn and walk away. After that moment Haine found himself following Rairen everywhere he went. He found the same darkness in Rairen’s eyes as there was in his.

    He became one of the trusted people in Yuki and started to see love around the place, but everyday the power still burned in him, tearing his heart apart to release its true strength and show the power of an assassin to the world. With his Hyuga abilities he considered himself the demon god ready to take over the world…



    Won: N/A
    Lost: N/A

    Dropping: The Sand Monster

    ~Approved~ what has the battle section ever done to you? Also next time write a history that actually makes sense. It's all about Kiri, but both your village of birth and village of alliance are Konoha? Also you still need to provide an explanation as to how someone could learn the Gentle Fist as just being a Hyuuga isn't enough for that.
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