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    Awards Showcase

    Re: Grand RP Tournament

    Main Prizes:
    -Restricted Battle Test Requiring Bio Dante - MS Kakashi
    -7SM Sword, the Goddess of Fire or the Goddess of Wind or the Goddess of Water McRazor
    -Sound Release Zero Kelvin

    Secondary Prizes:
    -2x Curse Mark Mugiwara, Zero
    -2x Sage Mode Kerrah and Dante
    -2X Fuuinjutsu permission McRazor, Igneel
    -4x Weight Trainings Seblax, House, 2 Reamaining

    Ok, House is inactive but the only prize he can get is weights. There are still 2 weight training available. Gobi will decide what to do with them.

    As for NB Genjutsu, upon following up on all the fights and taking into account both genjutsu usage during the tournament as well as the feeling that these people won't abuse these techniques and are, in general, good genjutsu users. As such, I also decided that these 6 people will receive the training up to Master level, meaning the restricted techniques as well. I decided this because of the way these people conducted themselves in the tournament but also in the RP in general as well as the fact that the tournament was amazingly well orgaznied and went extremely smooth for the most part.

    Congrats to:


    Now, small helping note:

    -7sm Sword - Contact Caliburn
    -Fuuinjutsu and Sage Mode - Contact a sensei that can teach it
    -CM - PM Nexus explaining that you gained it here in the tournament and be sure to state the bio in which you want it put
    -Weights - Make a thread with the link to the bio in which you want the training done and vm me. We'll start as soon as possible.
    -NB Genjutsu - I'll probably conduct team training since its easier on me but don't expect it to be fast. I'm sorry for it but it will be slow.

    Again, copngrats to all!
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