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    Kamui - [神威]

    Admiral Nincompoop

    “Samurai are a blast!”

    Basic Information

    Name: Kamui
    Nickname(s):Veroandi|Admiral Nincompoop|
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Clan: Inuzuka

    Looks: Kamui has long vermillion red hair that reaches his lower back, always tied in a braid, and ocean blue eyes. He wears a traditional uniform used in Chinese martial arts, with a black and white top sporting elbow length sleeves, and gray pants that reach the middle of his lower leg. He almost always wears a cheerful smile on his face, even when he is killing – He believes that sending his victims off with a smile will help them rest in the afterlife. With his at all times is his signature purple umbrella, which he uses to shield himself from the sun more often than not.

    Personality: Kamui maintains a firm belief that the people of his clan are meant to to remain on the battlefield. He will openly display his disapproval of anyone – within the Inuzuka clan – who shuns this ideal. Ever since a young age, Kamui has developed an insatiable lust that could only be quenched by the blood of someone who was on par with or superior to him in terms of strength. Because of his beliefs, Kamui shows no pity or remorse towards his subordinates, family, or even his superiors, as any sign of weakness is unacceptable. One could very accurately say that Kamui “fights as his blood tells him too” or “fights with his blood.”

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: -

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Unofficial Sage
    Specialty: Water|Earth|Taijutsu|Inuzuka Taijutsu|Kenjutsu|
    Elements: Fire| Water| Wind |Water |Lightning|
    Your ninjutsu: Ninjutsu |Genjutsu |Taijutsu |Inuzuka Taijutsu |Kaito’s Taijutsu| Kenjutsu |Fuuinjutsu| Sound to be learned (Pending Approval of this Biography)|Medical Lessons in Progress|

    Background Info.

    Kamui was born in the village of Konohagakure as a member of the Inuzuka clan, a clan where the people were renowned for being more beast than man. As he grew up, Kamui developed an un-healthy lust for strength and power, feeling that the people of the Inzuka clan were meant to exist solely on the battlefield. In an attempt to revive a long dead ritual, he attacked his father with the intent to kill – It was once seen as a rite of passage within the clan to defeat the parent on the field of battle; However it was abolished after it was deemed barbaric. Kamui managed to successfully dismember his father’s left arm, before ultimately being defeated by his father.

    After nearly losing his life, Kamui abandoned his home and severed all ties to his family, including his bedridden mother who had become sickly with one foot already in the ground. He told his younger sister Kagura that he had no use for weaklings, and would never acknowledge someone as weak as her.

    As the years passed, he came under the tutelage of one of the most feared men in the Inuzuka clan, The King of Night, Housen.

    After a few years of training, he left to travel the world abroad, meeting Abuto who would become his subordinate and allying himself with an extremist ronin samurai, Shinsuke Takasugi, out of unbridled curiosity.

    Other Information

    Water and Earth:Over the years, Kamui discovered that he had an aptitude for the Earth and Water elements - He favors their use in battle amongst all the other elements. Having developed his skills with the water element particularly, he is capable of performing them with a single handseal.

    Taijutsu:At a young age, Kamui had developed a curiosity and passion for Martial Arts. Through years of strenuous training, and battle experience he became capable of better percieving the motions of his enemy, and reacting accordingly to the most subtle of movements – His senses being enhanced beyond normal levels because of his heritage. As he is currently, Kamui has long mastered the Inuzuka’s special brand of Taijutsu, and has learned how to utilize the tactical advantage gained from his heightened senses.

    Ninken Companion:Kairinmaru has an aptitude for reading whatever mood Kamui is in, an resonating with him to act correspondingly to how he is feeling – When battle ready, she becomes highly aggressive and menacing. One could appropriately say that Kairinmaru is completely submissive, and the only thing in the world that loves Kamui more than he does, or more than the fans for that matter, who voted him 3rd place in the third popularity poll. She has messy brown fur with a white underside. She matches Tsume Inuzuka’s Kuromaru in size. As is customary between the Inuzuka ninken and shinobi pairings, Kairinmaru and Sakamoto are capable of communicating with and understanding one another.

    Theme Song and Background Music

    Won: -
    Lost: -

    Replaces this biography if approved

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