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they did both fight at full power when jiraiya tried bringing oro back to the village and oro won.
he was obviously wrong as kabuto is just following the will of someone he admires. itachis word isnt fact.

kabuto: edo madara, nagato, kinkaku, third raikage, muu > hashirama and tobirama

databook is a guide and was never meant to be added up like that since adding seals to taijutsu doesnt make sense. they have nothing to do with each other. one can have a lower overall score yet have a high score in the areas that count (speed, intelligence)

wrong. ET and immortality alone put him at the top
actually he was testing naruto tio see if he could take on sasuke

because obviously oro surpassed jiraiya in the part 1 era, not a decade earlier.

that proves nothing. jiraiya was a good match as he knew and trained nagato, and had backup that were useful and willingly fought for him. if oro had prep and summoned a few strong edos hed kill pain
so sealing amaterasu = sealing a whole body that fights back?

they were sleeping and as you said tobi was there too
Edo hashirama>edo madara, tobirama>kinkaku third raikage and nagato