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Tobi lays on the ground his face badly damaged by the rasengan. Naruto hunches over Tobi and prepares to jab a kunai into his throat when Tobi starts laughing with a slight gurgle as his blood trickles from his mouth. Kakashi, Guy, and Kirabi stand just behind naruto looking down at Tobi who is rapidly bleeding away.

Kakashi: "Who are you? I thought you were obito but I know obito is dead?"
Tobi: "I am just a pawn in a larger game. Just as nagato was my pawn I am a pawn to another."
Kakashi: "Who is the one pulling your strings puppet?"
Tobi: "You will learn soon enough. Even though I die now..."

Tobi reaches into his shirt and reveals a bunch of explosive tags waiting to go off. Naruto and the others move back as tobi arms the explosive tags.

Tobi: "The Uchiha clan will live on!"

Tobi activates the Tags and an explosion rips his body apart into hundreds of pieces. As Naruto, kakashi, Guy, and bee head for gedo maza they fail to notice an eagle flying over head watching them. Their image is reflected in the eye of the eagle as the eagle flies away. Sasuke stands at the sprawling remains of the uchiha village. As he studies a doll laying on the ground. Sasuke hears the sound of a little girl playing and he turns around to see everyone else is gone except orochimaru. Sasuke looks around in surprise.

Sasuke: "What happened? Where are the others?"
Orochimaru: "Im sorry. I never was skilled at tsukyama unlike your father. My past always creeps into my genjutsu so I guess it does here to."
Sasuke: "Who are you and when did I get trapped?"
Orochimaru: "You have been in this genjutsu since your friends arrived. They are trapped in seperate genjutsu operated by my team mates."
Sasuke: "Why are you doing this?"
Orochimaru: "Than I guess its time you learned the truth my son."

Suddenly orochimaru fades away like mist revealing Mikoto Uchiha as a slightly older women.

Sasuke: "Is this another one of your sick games Orochimaru?!"
Mikoto Uchiha: "Orochimaru has been dead since your brother sealed him away some time ago. If you need further proof of who I am then remember what I once said to you as you went to bed each night. I will love you forever after even after I am gone."

Sasuke flashes back to seeing Itachi kill Mikoto Uchiha.

Sasuke: "Mom! How is it you are still alive! I saw you killed by Itachi."
Mikoto Uchiha: "You saw a genjutsu created for the sole purpose of allowing you to think most of the clan was dead. No you are not the last of the Uchiha clan."
Sasuke: "What happened to the others and why was I left behind to think you were all dead?"
Mikoto Uchiha: "Itachi has always been loyal to our clan since the beginning. When we learned the elders had ordered our deaths we knew it was time to leave."

Mikoto flashes back to seeing Itachi talking to several uchiha clan members.

Mikoto Uchiha: "The problem was we could not allow them to know we had left so we came up with a new solution, you. Sasuke your sacrifice of staying behind saved the lives of many within the clan as we fled leaving behind the bodies of only those still loyal to the hokage. Zetsu supplied the rest of the bodies."

Zetsu is shown with several uchiha elaborately placing bodies in select places while other ninjas uses kunai to create wounds making it appear the village was attacked.

Sasuke: "So I was abandoned so our people could get away from konoha?"
Mikoto Uchiha: "You were never abandoned my son. We had people watching over you always and even as you slept at night I watched over you from a distance."

Mikoto flashes back to rubbing the head of a young sasuke as he stirs in his sleep obviously having a nightmare.

Sasuke: "Why is this happening now? What has changed that brings you to me?"
Mikoto Uchiha: "The one you call Tobi is dead. Your team mate naruto has killed him. There is no reason left now to keep our secret hidden from you much longer. Come now son it is time to end this facade and show you the future that is rightfully yours."

The genjutsu fades away and sasuke opens his eyes to see mikoto standing over him as his team mates still lay on the ground unconscious.

Sasuke: "What about them?"
Mikoto Uchiha: "They are too great a liability and are not meant to have this scroll."

Mikoto holds up the scroll and two more ninjas suddenly appear out of the shadows.

Mikoto Uchiha: "Come my son. It is time we left this place and went to your new home."

Sasuke leaves with Mikoto Uchiha and the other shinobi leaving behind a still unconscious kabuto who suddenly blinks his eyes.

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