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    Japanesse imperial regelia in conjunction with naruto world

    As we all know tMr kishi tales things from japanesse history and then modernize it into naruto world.

    What are the imperial regelia?
    According to japanese mythology there 3 imperial items they are:

    this the sword that has the ability to seal away the soul of any thing it pierces into a world of drunken stupor for eternity.This sword was used by itachi uchiha and represents valour or courage but in japanese history its a sword that is'nt etheral or spiritual like in narutoverse but considered heavenly.

    this is a mirror that does the job of a shield and is said to block any ninjutsu based attack.Though it has not being shown to have a physical appearance along side totsuka sword but they have being shown to be a fairly big sized etheral item fused or used in another state or rather transformation.The mirror stands for wisdom.

    this is more of a jewelry or necklace to be precise,it function has not been seen but the necklace has been shown.the japanese history depicts it as a six tomoe necklace that stands for benevolence or love,it looks exactly as the one worn by both the sage and naruto.My theory comes in at this point,which is the function of the necklace and how to get these item.
    Now before i move on i would love to make some distinction btwn what pein wore and what itachi wears and also what it should look like.
    -pein wears smthing like an iron necklace which has long shape pendants of more than six which negates why its not the yasakani no magatama and the same goes for itachi.
    -since it other sacred item as being show to be etheral it also has to be shown as one
    -its different from the yasaka magatama because the former is a necklace while the latter a jutsu of the susano'o.

    Now though the necklace has not been officially declared as the third item on naruto and also no function yet the discription of the necklace historicaly has proven the necklace worn by the sage and naruto as the last item(we should wait for kishi to state it before it becomes manga legal).I don't know what functions it would have but i can speculate it being naruto's way of getting seals and sealing jutsu and also seal the juubi if he ever gets the grace of becoming its jinchuriki from mr kishi.To end this i would say this is the only way for naruto lineage to show in him,though it whereabout or how to find them was not said i would predict that it posseses the person rather than being found.

    To have one good person amongst a clan of blood lust and revenge history to do that in which no member can(i mean itachi murdering his clan for the purpose of the village is a feat no member would do) and i also think if u have or share the quality of those item in a way no other person can i think u would gain possesion of those items.thanks but try to read and reply.

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    Re: Japanesse imperial regelia in conjunction with naruto world

    We kind of known this. The "necklace" theory was somewhat understandable, but I don't believe its possible.

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    Re: Japanesse imperial regelia in conjunction with naruto world

    nice find

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