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    Looking at Gai Sensei..

    Honestly I'm sorta ashamed to say that when I thought of Gai up until recently, I only thought of, "oh he's just there to pester Kakashi and be his rival." I never really thought that he was a very dimensional character other than his unique personality and supremecy in taijutsu.

    That is until I took another look at his influence on the series...

    Even back in part one, he had been shown as more than just a Jounin. He had been shown as a Sensei who deeply cared for his students, namely Lee...

    But looking back at him as of his last few chapters, he has been shown as a companion to Kakashi and even a friend. I think a lot of us get so hooked up on the "eternal rivals" thing that we forget that they know each other on another, more casual level. Simply said, they seem like really good friends, putting aside their bickering and constant challenges. :y

    Throughout the war Gai has been encouraging Naruto, Kakashi, and the others to keep pressing forth against their fight with "the masked man" (NOT GOING TO SAY TOBI, due to trolls who "absolutely know" he's Obito/Izuna/Shisui,etc.):sy: I feel like he is really shining in this war and is proving just why he is a Jounin and how powerful and inspirational he is. :D

    What do you guys think? Upon looking at his contribution to the series, do you feel that there is reasonable depth to his characte? Was this a rather youthful analysis? Am I off or am I on the right track with my analysis or not? :shrug:
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