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Chapter 599: Half-faced

*Tobi falls out of his dimension on the ground, facing the others with his back from a distance, parts of his mask also falling down on the ground.*
Naruto: I think I got him!
Hachibi: Nice work, Naruto!
Kakashi: heh... *falls down from exhaustion*
Guy: Kakashi! Are you alright?
Kakashi: Ugh... i'll be fine.
Guy: Well, atleast I beat you in stamina.
*Kakashi smiles and laughs a bit*
Kakashi: You never change, do you?

*Tobi stands up and faces them, holding a part of his mask close to him, covering his mouth but his eyes can be seen. his face is bruised similar to the battle with Konan*
Tobi: damn.. you...

*Everyone faces Tobi*
Naruto: Stop hiding like a coward there! Show us your face, you maggot!
Tobi: Heh, I guess there's no point in hiding. It doesn't matter if you see my face as you're already too late. HE should be coming back soon too.
Kakashi, Guy, Bee, Naruto: ?!

*suddenly a large roar is heared. Gedo Mazo has almost finished its transformation*
Kakashi: no... we wasted too much time!
Naruto: Damn! I'm blasting it off now! *Naruto prepares for another bijuudama*
Hachibi: Wait, Naruto! Don't forget we have to kill the caster of the barrier to shut it off! preserve your chakra...
Tobi: Heheh... the octopus is right. *Tobi removes his hand and the last bits of his mask are shown falling down, his face is shown only up to his chin*

*meanwhile Karin is shown running in the forest.
Karin: "what's going on?! I can sense so many chakra sources... is it a war? what has just happened? on second thought, it doesn't matter... I have to find suigetsu and juugo and give them a... wait! this feeling... this is..." *she looks terrified and on the next panel the image of orochimaru appears next to her thoughts* "how can it be..? i have to hurry! this is bad! sasuke..."

*the action shifts to Madara vs five kages. Tsunade is attacking Madara but with no use, he dodges and counters her easily. then he suddenly stops*

Madara: "That huge chakra amount... it must be."
Tsunade: What is it? Why did you stop?
Madara: I'm sorry, sweatie, but I really have to go. You see, I'm no good at dealing with second rate senju. They always bore me so much. I could've killed you already but you were just for my amusement.
Tsunade: Bastard... have more respect!
Madara: I have, but for those who deserve it.
*Madara jumps away and summons a giant falcon*

*suddenly he's attacked by the other kage but he pushes them away with shinra tensei*

Madara: I told you... it's meaningless.
Oonoki: I don't care! We gave a promise we'd stay behind and fight until we beat you!
*Gaara remembers of how Onoki used to be and how he is now*
Gaara: "Naruto... he can truly change people's hearts."
*Gaara closes his eyes*
Madara: So tired of this crap... guess I should finish this.

Tsunade: You seem to be in a hurry. What's the meaning of this?
Madara: Nothing of importance to you, but let's just say i have a throne prepared and waiting just for me to sit on it.
Tsunade: So it really is all about power... What do you possibly hope to achieve by this moon's eye plan?!

*Madara sighs, maybe remembering something*
Madara: Someone like you can never understand.
Tsunade: Try me!
Madara: Very well. Let's play a game. I'll tell you my true ambition. If you understand me, then I'll let you live, if you don't.. then all of you die.

*Back at the fight with Tobi. Everyone is shocked, Kakashi is pale*
Kakashi: What... what are you..?
Tobi: I don't like to repeat myself, but as I said, I'm nobody... Not someone to be remembered.
Naruto: Are you still on about that shit?! Just say your damn name!
Guy: This is... Kakashi...
Kakashi: I know...
Kakashi (thinking): "That face... half of it is Obito's! but the other half... What the hell is going on?!"

*the face of Tobi is shown confirming Kakashi's thoughts*
Kakashi: Are you... are you Obito Uchiha?!
Tobi: ... you should know better, copy-cat ninja Kakashi.
*Tobi holds his gunbai and makes a sign*
Tobi: It's time for the ten-tails to raise!
Next time: The revival of Juubi! What the hell is Tobi?! And what shocking truth has Madara prepared??