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    My First thread! >_> lol

    HA! you thought it was going to be another tobi thread ey? xD
    Or another "whens the manga coming out?" "What time is the manga be out"

    lololol nope.. this just my first thread.. and I wanted to say..

    What I actually cannot wait to see is.. all the spoiling threads after 599 is out.. spoiling all the people that haven't got to read it yet with threads such as "LOL TOLD YOU IT WAS ______" "LOLOLOLTOBI IS____"
    and so on xD
    I'm gonna smoke up and wait for all the trolls bomb this place full of spoiling threads lol.
    its gonna be entertaining I reackon.

    I'am excited for this coming chapter, I'm hanging for it x3
    Facebook will let me know with a news feed when its out so I'll get to read it before I see any "told you it was" "omg it was!! ___" threads.

    But after that, Im coming back on here.. smoke up and have somepopcorn and watch all the lols here.. and watch all the madness thats gonna happen.
    But me.. no I won't be spoiling shit all for anyone.. as other asses out there do it enough already lol

    How is everyone else spending there time while waiting? :3
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