Hey guys,

Just something that jumped into my mind in another thread where people were talking about Shisui's eye's 10 year recharge time.

We know that Itachi originally planned to use the eye to make Sasuke protect the leaf village but instead it broke Edo Tensei for Itachi himself.

What I'd like to know is if his original plan had worked, would Sasuke legitimately been friendly with the leaf and squad7 again, or would he basically be another Tsukenyomi (spelling... I mean the moons eye, Tobis plan) victim? It would suck for Sasuke to become "good" but only as a zombie shell.

Now I know that didn't happen and we can speculate all we want, but this seems to be a pattern for Itachi. He wants and tries so hard to do the right thing but his best intentions cause even more pain and trouble for people.

In other words, we are lucky his plan failed since a zombie sasuke wouldn't have resolved anything between him and Naruto or anything else.