Greetings, ReXii

I will be administrating your test and the rules are as followed:

~ Rules and Regulations according to Rei.
~ You may use Wind, Water and fire to your current rank along with nin, gen, tai, ken and the toad contract which you must have already signed
~ Custom Jutsu's and Elements are not allowed
~ Terrain: We are in the forrest of death
~ We start mid range from each other
~ If you have any questions please ask them via vm.

I will be using a Jiraiya (sage mode) biography for this bio test against you. Please give a link to your bio that your testing and I will make the first move.

You may not use any kg in this test if it's on your bio. If you pass before the training starts (if you get mod approval) you must post a bio capable of learning sage mode.

No one other than myself and the participant may post here. If required, administrators/moderators and official senseis can input their opinion as well.