Test Failed
Its almost a pass but a fail none the less. Minato jumps on top of a 100 meter tall toad? after he summoned him and just like that? Seems a little thing but i found more than one "little thing" like this. The counter to the oil combo in my opinion isn't quite effective. And overall (i'm going to cut this short as i can't go through every single thing I saw wrong or not up to par in detail) you try to use the techniques in ways that would be new and "unique" but in some instants it escapes the use the technique can have. I found two counters I liked but the rest isn't anything special nor did you manage to pressure Pervy that much, leaving him to control the flow of the battle 100% when you yourself should take hold of the battle flow at some point. This said, you can take the test once again in one month.