As we know in the recent chapter, Tobi is Obito or is at least using his body. This theory works under the assumption that it is Obito conciousness. A common question is how did Obito become so cold so quickly? Well, if you have seen Yu Yu Hakusho and specifically the Chapter Black Saga, you will see what I mean. (If you haven't seen it, do so quickly as it is one of the greatest anime and manga of all time IMO, sorry if this spoils.)

Obito went from this

to this

Obito (damn it feels so weird saying that ), clearly had experiences that harshly affected him but his outlook seems to suggest more than personal experience, and his vast knowledge of the world lends credibility to this. In Yu Yu Hakusho, Sensui had a similar outlook and decided to hate humans after seeing humanity's worst qualities, and this made him desire to destroy humans through the release of demons into the human world.

Sensui took on six people with painful experiences as part of his plan and manipulated them by showing them a video of the worst things humans have done.Obito had painful experiences too and probably another one to do with Rin , but these aren't enough to want to control everyone and take away individuality. This is where Madara's role as Sensui comes in.

Madara could read the whole Naka shrine tablet due to his rinnegan so he would have the knowledge of the Ten Tails and such. He would also have seen several world wars and would have experienced the worst aspects of the ninja system. Madara seems like the sort of person that craves control, and seems like the sort of person the Project Tsuki no me would come from.

Obito as a young man would be highly impressionable and had seen the terrors of war and may have seen Rin's death, Madara used this to his advantage and via genjutsu would have shared his knowledge and if not through genjutsu through Zetsu, from the days of the Sage to the times of Madara and Hashirama, through all of the wars Madara would have lived through, mirroring the Chapter Black tape of human horrors given to the members of the Sensui Seven, Madara used Obito as his succesor by showing him this and making him believe in this plan for his own reasons, making Obito the man he is today.