View Poll Results: Is Kishi just setting us up for a huge double bluff with Tobi being Obito?

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    Tobi being Obito, A huge double bluff from Kishi?

    It seems allot of people are disappointed with chapter 599 and tobi being obito, but this may just be a drop in the bucket. We still have chapter 600 to look forward to for an explanation!

    For all we know Obito could just be a host, come on, why would he call himself "a nobody"? and also what did Madara mean when he said "It would appear that little brat nagato was allowed to grow" in chap 559?, how did he know about nagato when he was meant to be dead?

    There are allot of mysteries in the whole manga and tobi being Obito is a mystery in itself which the later chapters will explain!
    Kishi isn't the one to make predictable story lines, for all we know this could just be a huge double bluff on his part! let me know what you think !
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