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    Yahiko || 弥彦

    !~ Nagato… If you just keep crying nothing will happen… Just like the rain! ~!
    !~ Yahiko ~!

    Basic Information
    Yahiko | 弥彦


    Yahiko had short spiky orange hair and blue eyes (depicted as brown in the anime). Under Jiraiya's tutelage, he wore a short black shirt robe with green trimmings, dark pants, a black and white belt that he tied in front with mesh armour underneath. As an original member of Akatsuki, he wore a long black robe with a red line running down the centre along with a armour that covered only his mid-section with a pouch attached to it. He also carried a relatively large sword during this time. It was also shown that Yahiko had inherited his master's perverted smile something that ironically enough, embarrassed Jiraiya.

    Yahiko's personality was similar to Naruto's. His dream was to be a leader of his village, and he never gave up no matter what. When he was alive, Yahiko had a strong "eye for an eye" philosophy. He hated the way Amegakure was looked at by the rest of the world, and hated what it had become. He was defensive of the village, saying that it was his dream to stop the endless rain, which he compared to tears, and protect the nation's citizens. Yahiko wanted to become the ruler of the world so there wouldn't be any more wars. Many of these traits were adopted by Nagato after Yahiko's death.
    Among the three Ame Orphans, Yahiko seemed to act as the leader of the group. It was Yahiko who first approached the Sannin to ask for food, and was the first to ask Jiraiya to teach them ninjutsu. With Jiraiya's influence on them Yahiko even seemingly started to adopt some of Jiraiya's mannerisms. He also seemed to act as an older brother for Nagato and Konan, reminding Nagato to not cry and to act more manly (although Yahiko was the one who cried when Jiraiya left them). He also wished to become stronger so as to protect Nagato and Konan. He had faith in Nagato, when he got older. Yahiko was willing to commit suicide rather than endanger Konan's life, displaying a very high level of loyalty to those he cared for. He also had romantic feelings for Konan which were reciprocated.

    Village Information
    Village Of Birth:
    Village Of Alliance:

    Ninja Rank || Chakra Info
    Ninja Rank:
    Rain | Cat Summon | Earth | Taijutsu
    | Doton| Futon | Katon | Suiton | Raiton | Rain |

    Doton ~ Complete
    Suiton ~ Complete
    Katon ~ Complete
    Raiton ~ Complete
    Futon ~ Complete
    Rain ~ Complete
    Ninjutsu ~ Complete
    Taijutsu ~ Complete
    NB Taijutsu ~ Incomplete
    Genjutsu ~ Complete
    Hazure's Customs

    Combat Info

    Rain: Due to his mastery of Rain, Yahiko can use any Rain jutsu with just one handseal.

    Earth: Due to his mastery of the earth element, Yahiko can perform any earth jutsu quicker than the average shinobi.

    Background Information
    History :
    Yahiko was orphaned during the Second Shinobi World War, forced to steal food in order to survive before teaming up with a fellow orphan named Konan. Soon after the two found a place to call home, Yahiko expressed early displeasure of Konan bringing a another orphan, Nagato, into the group. However, Yahiko eventually accepted Nagato and his dog Chibi into his gang. Angered by how unfair the world was to them, Yahiko declared he would become a god to end the fighting. Soon after the death of Chibi, Yahiko and the the others eventually encountered Jiraiya, who looked after them and taught them basic ninjutsu. At one point, Nagato saved Yahiko after an Iwagakure chūnin attacked them. Afterwards, Yahiko vowed to become strong enough to protect Konan, Nagato, and eventually all of Amegakure.
    During their time with Jiraiya, he created a defence system so they could protect themselves, should enemy ninja find their hideout. It was comprised of four planks, each with one red side and one white which had a frog picture on it. The four planks were attached to a part of a wall of the hideout with their names underneath each respective plank (Nagato's on the left, Yahiko's in the middle and Konan's on the right while Jiraiya's was on a separate wall). The purpose of the planks was a defence mechanism: if one of them were in the hideout they would simply turn their plank to the red side. If for some reason the red plank was turned yet the person was not there it could alert the others that that member had been kidnapped. If one of them were to leave the hideout they would simply have to flip their plank to the white side. If it should happen that a plank is turned on to the white side yet the person is in the hideout it could mean that an enemy has transformed into said person and has infiltrated the hideout. Jiraiya had also built a trapdoor hidden among the floorboards leading to an hidden room and emergency escape route, just in case. Yahiko asked why Jiraiya always tried to force his frog ways on them and that they only tolerated it because he was the "Frog Sage". Konan then explained the possible reasons for implementing a code like that which Jiraiya praised her for. He then declared that it was time for training to which Yahiko responded to enthusiastically claiming that one day he would get stronger and change the country before running outside. After hearing his words Konan blushed at him to which Yahiko responded with a perverted smile reminiscent of that of his master's. This also demonstrated his benkei persona where he was a braggart while in his own home, but demonstrated a more reserved demeanour in public. Over time the three would train to be talented shinobi and it is hinted that Yahiko and Konan developed romantic feelings for each other. Some time after Jiraiya's departure from Amegakure, the three gained a reputation as a talented shinobi team. Still desiring to create a world of peace, Yahiko and his friends went on to become fully fledged Ame ninja. Also gathering many supporters who shared their ideals, Yahiko established the Akatsuki, though Tobi claims to have played a role in the group's creation. Akatsuki spread their beliefs to stop war without violence, and news of their actions would reach Jiraiya from time to time. When their group became too big, they were forced to find another hideout, and leave their current one where they once lived with Jiraiya. When they were about to leave and flip over their "Hop-In" planks, a ninja squad attacked the hideout creating an explosion which resulted in a hole in the roof which they used to infiltrate the hideout. Yahiko (after Konan flipped her plank and just before he was about to flip his), noticed the attack in time and used the escape route just before ninja entered the hideout.

    !~ Other ~!

    Cat Summon
    Summoning Animal: Cats
    Scroll Owner: Hazure
    Other Users who have signed contract: Kàiten; Tobeh!; Axle; Jokey
    Summoning Boss if existing: Rinsei
    Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: Bite and Nibble , Chisoku , Bubble

    Dual Swords

    Yahiko has two identical swords that are the length of an average Katana. He wears them on his back with the hilts at his shoulders for easy access.

    Theme Song & Background Music

    Won: N/A
    Lost: N/A

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