Ok yes I know everyone if not most ppl is upset at tobi being obito. But in kishi's defense we don't know what will happen next.

Let me explain:
To begin with we don't know why tobi is obito from our point of view all we see is; 1)Obito was supposed to be 14-16 at the tme of the kyuubi attack 2) how the hell doz a fourteen year old control the kyuubi kill 2 anbu and he third hokage's wife 3) Although he got his ass handed to him how the hell do he pick a fight with minato, 4) plus some other shit that you may all have a problem with.

We need to open our minds to the millions of possibilities that have now been presented to us by tobi being obito.

1)Tobi's hair was always like this before

^^That is when itachi approached him I believe here tobi was indeed the real madara!! This was some time after the nine tails attack, because itachi is older here.

2)When Tobi attacked konoha with the kyuubi he was obito because as you can see he has the hair of obito HERE Plus he was using kumi so it had to be obito's power

3) So why would tobi be obito then go back to being madara? It is because madara was still alive at that time an this is the time they collaborated. Where obito unlocks his Mangekyou and triggers the same in kakashi's eye

4) Madara coordinated the destruction of the uzumaki at the time he controlled the mizukage HERE There are a lot of things that still has to be considered in the manga.

5) How the hell doz obito come into all of this I don't know an neither dose any of you so instead of letting this on little plot twist spoil the manga open your minds and enjoy the ride.