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    Naruto Manga Prediction 560-561

    Hey guys.

    I wrote a Prediction a while back, but some Moderator deleted it without giving me a proper reason, but people seemed to like it so I'm making another one. Hopefully this one won't be deleted, and hopefully you will also like this one. (It's hard to predict during these chapters, tho)

    Naruto Manga 560: A man beyond Repair!

    Naruto Manga 600: A man Beyond repair!

    Kakashi: Ob...Obito?!
    Obito: ....
    Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, you know this man?
    Gai: We both do, Naruto. He was pressumed dead a long time ago..
    Kakashi: It seems that isn't the case after all, is it, Obito?
    Obito: It's true, I did die that day.
    Kakashi: Then how are you still alive? ANSWER!
    Obito: It's quite simple really. Let me tell you the story. It began with you leaving me for dead...
    Kakashi: ....

    Flashback - Death of Obito

    Obito: *Ugh.. Live well, Kakashi, Rin, Minato-Sensei. You will all be great one day..*
    ???: My my.. What do we have here.. A defeated Uchiha?...
    Obito: *!!!* Who's there? Reveal yourself!
    ???: I sense a strong & fierce chakra in you.. Destined for greatness..
    Obito: *How did he defeat all the Ninja?* ENOUGH! Show yourself and tell me what you want!
    Zetsu: *Emerges from a nearby tree* Kukuku.. No need to get angry, I'm here to help.
    Obito: Who are you and what do you want?
    Zetsu: Before I reveal my plans for you, how about you tell me the story of how you ended up crushed under this major pile of rocks...?
    Obito: *He may be able to help me...* My comrade and I rescued our teammate from some ninja, but I got caught in the after-battle..
    Zetsu: Hahahah. How ironic. You save your comrades and they leave you to die?
    Obito: *He makes a compelling case...* Uhm.. NO! They had no choice! I told them to leave, otherwise they would have died too!
    Zetsu: True comrades never leave a man behind. Especially a man of your caliber..huhuhu..
    Obito: A man of my caliber? *What is he talking about? I'm known as the weakest of the Uchiha*
    Zetsu: I can't blame you for not noticing, since your right side of your body is completely numb.. I'll explain in due time...
    Zetsu starts digging up Obito

    Realtime - Obito VS Rest

    Naruto: Zetsu?! You met him when you were that young? How old is that damn aloe-vera guy?!
    Kakashi: Naruto! Don't disrupt him, I need to hear this.
    Obito: ...

    Flashback - Death of Obito #2

    Obito and Zetsu can be seen in a small wodden house a few miles away from the incident...

    Obito: Explain, how did you know I was under all that rock?
    Zetsu: Quite simple really. I could sense your fierce chakra from miles away. You're special.
    Obito: *Is this guy crazy?* How exactly am I special?
    Zetsu holds up a mirror infront of Obito...
    Obito: *WHAT?! -shocked face-*
    Zetsu: You see, you are special. That is called a Mangekyo Sharingan.
    Obito: How did... How did this happen?!
    Zetsu: Who knows, maybe it's because you were abandoned by your comrades. hahaha!
    Obito: - Gets Angry - SHUT UP! *Looks at Zetsu with his Mangekyo Sharingan completely open*
    Zetsu starts to be warped when suddenly it gets cancelled...
    ???: Enough.. You are not experienced enough to be using your eyes out of anger, young one.
    Obito: *They just keep coming..* Who are you? You look like... W-wait!!
    Izuna: That's right. I'm Izuna. You may have heard of my exploits from Konoha.
    Obito: I have.. You're the brother of Uchiha Madara, you supported his cause, which makes you an enemy!! *Opens his Mangekyo eye*
    Obito: *Why's nothing happening??*
    Izuna: You're still pretty beat down from the 'incident'. There is absolutely noway you could gather up enough power to use your eye to its full extent at this point.
    Obito: .....
    Izuna: Tell me, did your comrades abandon you to die just as my clan did to me?
    Obito: *What...?* I told them to leave! They would've died if they didn't. Besides, why did you save me?
    Izuna: Zetsu told me about everything that happened. I believe you can be the successor of our plan, Uchiha Madara and I.
    Obito: Plan? Uchiha Madara has been dead for a long time...
    Izuna: That's true. My brother died fighting, but before he did, our good friend Zetsu here managed to take my brothers eyes. Much to our surprise, my brother managed to awaken the ultimate eyes as he was near death.. The Rinnegan!
    Obito: *Rinnegan...* What's that? And what does it have to do with me?
    Izuna: All in due time, young one. Take some rest, I will explain everything when your body is rested.
    Obito: ...
    We see a page of Obito laying in a bed resting, while Izuna steps out of the wodden house, showing empty eyesockets...

    Naruto Manga 561: A man Beyond Repair #2

    Naruto Manga 561: A man beyond repair #2 !

    Realtime - Obtio Vs Rest

    Gai: The Obito we knew would never have given in to such madness! What happened?!
    Kakashi: I think I know exactly what happened... It's Rin, isn't it, Obito?
    Obito: Sharp as always, Kakashi. A few days of resting got my body regenerated. That's when Izuna revealed to me what happened to you and Rin after you left me to die..
    Kakashi: ...

    Flashback - Obito #3

    Obito: *-Horrifying Shocked Look-* There's... There's no way! You're lieing!!!
    Izuna: I'm not. Zetsu can show you what happened. Your comrade failed once more, Obito..
    Obito: ..... SHOW ME!
    We see Zetsu grabbing Obito with both of his arms, entering his psyche and showing Obito what happened..
    Obito: I...I can't believe it... They were ambushed... And Kakashi... Kakashi FAILED TO PROTECT RIN?
    Izuna: Yes, that's the just of it. Rin is dead. The fourth hokage, your Sensei, was there too. The two of them together wasn't enough to protect Rin from such an ambush. You have learned the basic strategy of Ninja Battle, haven't you?
    Obito: *Always dispose of the Medical Ninjas first..* Yes, I have.. *Rin....*
    Zetsu: Hahaha, ironic, they left you to die so you could protect the woman you love, only to later be killed by another ambush!
    We see Izuna cutting Zetsu's head of, still having no eyes...
    Obito: .!?
    Izuna: He'll regenerate.. What happened is a tragedy, but can you really forgive your comrade and sensei for letting this happen? The woman you love, the woman you gave your life for, and aboveall how they betrayed your faith in them and didn't even bother to take your body to a proper funeral?
    Obito: *I hate to admit it, but he's right...* I will have my revenge...
    Izuna: You will, young one. I will train you. That eye of yours is special, when I'm done with you, you will have your revenge.
    Obito: ...

    RealTime - Obito vs Rest

    Naruto: Kakashi... Is this true?
    Kakashi: ...
    Kakashi: I never wanted you to know about this, Naruto. It's the most shameful and regretful decision I've ever made. I could never forgive myself for letting two of my comrades die with my presence..
    Obito: And you will pay the price, Kakashi..
    Gai: *What the f--*... SUCH YOUTH! How did this eyeless man train you?!
    Rest: Sigh...
    Obito: Izuna was near his deathbed at the time too, he was lucky to find me when he did. A succession plan. I would be the new leader, the bringer of peace, and avenge my loved ones...

    Flashback - Obito #4

    Izuna: *Coughs blood* ... I'm near death, Obito. You've done well, far better than I expected. Do you remember the plan?
    Obito: Yes, sensei. I will seek out a young Ninja called Yahiko and push him into making a Group for our plans and eventually force his comprade Nagato, the child entrusted with the rinnegan, to revive both you and Madara, sensei.
    Izuna: That's right.. And what will you NOT do until the Eye of the Moon plan is in affect?
    Obito: *Grrr...* I will... I will wait with my revenge until the time is right, sensei.
    Izuna: That's good. I will see you soon, Obito. Please hide my body, there are people looking for it, in particular a ninja from Konoha known as Orochimaru. Promise me you'll stay away from him.. *coughs blood*
    Obito: I promise you sensei.
    We see Izuna stop breathing and Obito sheading a tear...
    Obito then uses his Mangekyo Sharingan to hide Izunas body in the alternate dimension...

    Realtime - Obito Vs Rest

    Kakashi: So that's what happened..
    Gai: ...
    Obito: *The time has finally come, Sensei. WATCH ME!*

    We see Obito charging towards Kakashi with his warfan, preparing a nasty wind-technique..
    In the blink of an eye, Naruto is standing in front of Kakashi and the rest, shomping up walls of redish chakra to prevent the blast...

    To be continued.

    I hope you guys enjoy, and please give feedback. I may decide to continue from Chapter 561 and onwards if people actually read and like these predictions.

    To make these predictions, I didn't want to spend too much time on it, so I created a simple Java Application that I could share with whomever's interested in it and often writes Predictions.

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    Re: Naruto Manga Prediction 560-561

    Wow that sucked

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    Re: Naruto Manga Prediction 560-561

    I know wesobo likes to delete threads without proper reason.

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    Re: Naruto Manga Prediction 560-561

    That was actually pretty goood. I gave + rep

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    Re: Naruto Manga Prediction 560-561

    Seems my motives were correct anyway.

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