If we accept that Tobi is indeed Obito then I have a question.

We know that Yagura was controlled by Tobi. That was a long time ago when Obito wasnt born or at the very least was very young. Many people believe that there were different Tobis through the years and that the one who controlled the Mizukage was Madara himself.
But now: Kisame saw that (the one who controlled Yagura) Tobi's face. That's why he forced himself out of the mind reading jutsu, to keep Tobi's identity secret. Kisame was convinced that Tobi was Madara.
But today's Tobi (Who is according to 599) Obito showed him his face as well and he still called him Madara and reckognized him as the person from the Hidden Mist. But Obito's face from 599 doesnt look like the real Madara at all.

So did Obito trick Kisame with a genjutsu or something? Because nothing of this makes sense... I can accept that Tobi is Obito, dont get me wrong. But this part is even more confusing to me than the fact that Obito actually could not have been the one who fought Minato. :confused: