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    100% tobi is obito

    here is the evideneces!!!

    the chapter name is obito uchiha,the manga says he is obito,obito says to kakashi he is words but no actions someone is like you worth nothing means that he broke his promise with obito and failed to protect rin and he cant be trusted,obito says he wants to make a world that heroes=hero of the sharingan kakashi dont make pitful excuses infront of graves=rin and thats why he is dream to put the world in infinite tsukyomi. can anyone know all of this if he is not obito he loved rin more than anything because she cared about him but everyone else looked at him like he was a garbage nothing so what do you think he is still not obito it doesnt make sense he is not

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    Re: 100% tobi is obito

    you don't say??

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    Re: 100% tobi is obito

    Well duh. That whole thing about izuna's soul transferring thing is ridiculous. i think...

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    Re: 100% tobi is obito

    Than explain this:

    Ok, so here are MY BELIEFS in regard to the whole Tobi id theories (I will quote myself from other threads).

    Why he is Tobi, but is not Tobi and could be Izuna.

    What my questions/remarks are:

    1. Why the indirect hate towards the whole Senju clan that Tobi has shown unless being a very old character?

    2. Why Kishi would write the few sentences as this: "Obito?" If it would've been a 100% sure it would've been a full stop or a exclamation mark?

    Question mark is used in connection with an 100% uncomplete information, it means there is a missing data there.

    If it would've been a full stop it would've represented an undenied piece of evidence. Still Kishi used a question mark meaning the evidence is not 100% accurate/missing data.

    3. As well as the phrase construction "It has been confirmed: his name is Obito!"

    There Kishi confirms things, it gives us the information that the name is Obito, not the whole person. If it would've been a 100% certain information that Tobi is Obito as a whole, it wouldn't have been necessary for Kishi to add an explanatory note, yet he did it to bring an explanatory note about the name being Obito.

    So until isn't 100% sure that Tobi is Obito, until Tobi stated himself, yes, I am Tobi, even though it's a 0.01% chances of being someone else, I am doubting this as it still leaves open possibilities.

    It would have been logical for Kishi to mislead to add all those details that took to Obito in order to mess with our minds.

    My guess is that it is his body, but there is someone else in there, meaning the counsciousness/soul of another person.

    Or it is his consciousness but another body very similar to Tobi's.
    True that you were very close.
    You were actually very accurate on the indicative details that would make us believing that actually, yes, Tobi is Obito or the timeline of the events having some connection with the timeline of the events of Obito's ones.

    He could even play with our mind making Tobi to state that he was Obito which again would be an 100% that he would be Obito. But we know that Kishi made this character to be a bit of a lier. What if in a singular panel, later on, when he would be by himself or with Zetsu/Madara, he will state something like "I told them I am Obito in order to play with their minds?" or something very similar to that. Wouldn't that be a second mind-f*ck (excuse my language) given to us by Kishi?

    So until Kishimoto comes with an undeniable proof that he is indeed Obito, that still leaves open possibilities, as I've stated before.

    What if is indeed his mind and body, but actually somewhere in the back there is God knows what whose using Tobi's counsciousness with a jutsu or something like that? What if it is his body that gave a full access to his memories but someone else is there. Like in Queen of the Damned movie (a vampire one) where when you bit someone and had his blood you had full access to his memories. Body includes the brain, the brain stores memories.

    The perfect match to play with someone's mind.

    Also, something to note, that rumor who was viral these days on the internet would pretty much fit the whole scenario of Tobi = Obito but is not actually Obito, is Izuna.

    Because if you remember, it was said that it was indeed, Izuna BUT he will bring a lot of suffer thus implying the fact that looking like Obito will mind-blow Kakashi and everyone else who once knew Obito.

    Also that was supposed to be an unleaked information by someone close to Kishimoto that instantly would blow-away the whole impact on the fanbase. But, Kishi as being smart (hope he is because of not... I don't know what to say ) made us once again fall into astonishment, as we move our beliefs regarding the rumor.

    Than, he comes again later on (still have to see when) and show us Tobi as being Izuna and once again we will be mind-blown. So he got the impact he wanted in the first place EVEN THOUGH the information was leaked.

    Nonetheless, we have to wait.
    Yes, he had been exposed, but why do I have the feeling that he wanted to be exposed? He is portrayed as a character who wants to play with people's mind and use undeniable true facts twisted to his own advantage.

    And here we have to take into consideration the whole Sasuke story.
    Indeed, he told Sasuke what happened to Itachi but he did it that way, that would suit his preferences.

    Same things could happen with Kakashi as well. Using undeniable facts to his own benefit although they differ in perspective.

    If it's not Obito and is Izuna, the whole information he got after the timeline of his events would be easily explained thanks to Zetsu. But to explain Obito's timeline events with what happens now, is a lot harder.
    The expose thing I was reffering about him wanted to be exposed when he adressed to Kakashi/Gai.
    That would be from where his mind-twisting plan starts.
    Regarding Madara, simple here as well.

    Fought Hashirama -> Got Rinnegan -> Took some Hashirama DNA -> Saw that time is passing by and he is getting close to his end -> Made Zetsu -> Used RinneTensei to bring back Izuna -> Entrusted them the plan -> Died safely knowing he will be later revived. With the given data until now, timeline matches.

    Why Izuna to chose Tobi and how would he know Obito? Simple. Zetsu info on everything gathered. Zetsu got Obito's body. Izuna took it as probably from the RinneTensei his body wsn't in a good state(?) nad used Obito's body.
    If you look when Itachi seeks his help, he doesn't recommend himself as Tobi. Later on he would use the idea for creating a bigger pshycological impact on his rivals.

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    Re: 100% tobi is obito

    there still no 100% proof that is obito, remember there is a jutsu where a user can use a technique for recarnation, that oro uses to switch bodies with user before he dies every 3 years. so far all we no it can be madara

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