As we all know Tobi (if u dnt mite wanna skip this whole thread) is
Obito Uchiha
. His back story is, of course, Kakashi, Rin, Minato and him all going to the Kannabi Bridge mission where he was half crushed and gave kakashi his left eye (or right eye not sure which one, he gave K and eye.) and that therefore would logically mean he had one eye.

HOWEVER, while fighting Konan, in Manga (this is my first post so i cannot link but Manga 510 Page 8) we can see that Obito does indeed have two eyes, although he lost one due to the use of Izanagi.

I was just wonderin where everything thinks he got that eye? Like, was it the eye of any uchiha of importance or relevance or is it just an eye he collected in preparation for the eventuality of using Izanagi. I personally side with the latter but i was wondering what everyone else thinks.