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    Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox 九尾狐

    Basic Information
    Name: Ahri
    Nickname: The Nine-Tailed Fox
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Clan: N/A (Capable of Dark Release techniques)


    (Fake ears, real ears concealed by hair)

    Personality: Ahri is a nice girl that is out-going and enjoys making everyone happy. She will almost always go out of her way to make anyone happy and is favored by most of the people she meets because of this trait. She hates when people fight over her due to her beauty and will often leave her home for this reason. She protests violence when possible but if she needs to, she will fight to defend herself.

    She is very calm and will always try to avoid getting into a fight. She would rather have a drink with a friend then fight with an enemy. Running her own tavern, has made her worldly with different drinks and different people as well as knowing what people are like just by watching their actions for a small moment.

    She has grown to be able to manipulate people with ease due to her beauty and will tease customers in the tavern at times but never acts on it. She loves to do this and loves to joke around with people. She's a very social person that has never been seen angry except for when her feelings are confused and she feels cornered.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: A Village Near Kirigakure
    Village of Alliance: Kumogakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Kage (UO Sage)
    Specialty: Earth/Lightning/Genjutsu/Taijutsu
    Elements: Mastered base 5, Dark
    Your ninjutsu:
    Dark Release
    [Meiton No Jutsu] - Dark Release Technique
    Rank: C
    Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defence
    Range: Short - Mid
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: 30
    Description: The user can make small dark release energy blasts , shields or any form he wishes to make through the usage of dark release although it's not a solid matter as it's substance is almost like the wind release.
    - Can only be used 5 times per match
    - Can only be taught by ~Crow~

    [Taibu Meiton No Jutsu] - Greater Dark Release Technique
    Rank: A
    Type: Attack/Defence/Supplementary
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: This is a stronger version of the dark release technique, the user can shoot dark release energy blasts , shields or any kind of shape through the usage of the dark release but on a larger scale than the standard dark release technique.
    - Can only be used 3 times per match
    - Can only be taught by ~Crow~

    [Meiton: Zetsumei Kousen] - Dark Release: Death Beam
    Rank: S
    Type: Attack
    Range: Long
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: 80 [+20 if absorbed a B-rank technique using inhaling maw beforehand]
    Description: The user gathers a large amount of dark chakra into both of his palms then he brings his hands in front of him while his palms are facing crossed angles as the user releases the dark chakra Into a small condensed black orb that looks the same as the tailed beast bomb through the usage of shape manipulation, then the user releases a large black beam that covers a wide area and thrusts at fast speeds in the desired location due to the high concentration of the black orb, the user can enhance the beam's power by using the energy absorbed through the usage of the inhaling maw technique beforehand which is a separate technique and must be done in the same turn that this technique is used in.
    - Can only be used 2 times per battle
    - No dark release techniques higher than A-rank for 2 turns after this turn.
    - Can only be taught by ~Crow~

    (Meiton: Yuuen Ky?ketsuk?) - Dark Release: Grand Inhaling Maw
    Rank: S
    Type: Defence
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: -
    Description: This technique is a stronger version of Dark Release: Inhaling Maw, used only to absorb high ranked techniques. It follows the same concept, however, instead of just one hand to perform, the user will need to use both. He will point his palms together in the direction of the incoming technique and will then absorb it. This is this technique's weakness: since the user needs both hands to perform it, he will be more vulnerable to a surprise attack, being unable to perform an adequate defence most of the times. The absorbed technique can then be released via Dark Release: Judegment
    ~Usable twice per battle
    ~There must be a gap of at least one turn between each usage
    ~Can only absorb techniques up to S-rank or combos made of techniques up to A-rank

    (Meiton: Dākuenerugī no Supin) - Dark Energy Spin
    Type: Attack/Supplementary
    Rank: S
    Range: Short-Mid (Depending on the speed and power of the spin)
    Chakra Cost: 50
    Damage: 80
    Description: Much similar to the Hyuga clan rotation the user spins at top speed while emitting large amounts of dark release chakra around him creating a dark release dome. Because of the spinning it releases waves of dark energy chakra that thrashes everything in it's path(goes in all directions) at high speeds (the same speeds as pressure damage). When the technique ends the entire battlefield is left in ruins.

    Note: Once Per Battle
    Note: Takes one turn to prepare enough chakra.
    Note: The thrashing originates from the user giving the opponent time to counter.
    Note: No other Dark Release techniques this turn and the following one.
    Note: Only two jutsus can be performed the next turn due to being disorientated from spinning so much.
    Note: Must have permission to use by Madara.. & Nagato..

    [Meiton: Teikoku Sasshi] - Dark Release: Imperial Judgment
    Type: Attack
    Rank: Forbidden
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra Cost: 50
    Damage Points: 90 [-40] to the user due to the immense exhaustion]
    Description: This is a stronger version of the dark release "Judgment" technique, by utilizing the energy absorbed from an S-ranked technique through the usage of the "grand inhaling maw" technique, the user extends both of his hands in front of him converting the chakra that was absorbed into black flames that cover a vast area similar to the judgment technique but much stronger and on a larger scale due to using more energy for the usage of the technique through the usage of a stronger version of the inhaling maw which is the grand inhaling maw, the black flames covers an area as the wind technique pressure damage does slicing deep through the earth as it heads towards it's destination utilizing the lightning properities that the dark chakra have making this technique as fast as most lightning techniques used.
    - Can only be used once per battle
    - Must have used the Grand Inhaling Maw technique beforehand
    - No dark release techniques For 3 turns after this is used
    - The user cannot use any genjutsu techniques for 4 turns.
    - The user is put into an immense state of exhaustion where the slightest movements puts a huge strain on his body for the next turn and can't use more than 2 jutsus the next turn due to the immense chakra exhaustion.
    - Can only be taught by ~Crow~

    (Meiton: Kemono no tsume) - Dark Release: Claw of the Beast
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: B
    Range: Short-Long
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Damage: 50 (60 if absorbed a jutsu)
    Description: The user will touch one of their hands to the ground while releasing Dark chakra at any location. At that location, a large claw will emerge out of the ground and will be controlled by the user. The claw can absorb C-Rank or lower jutsu and once it does, it grows much larger in size. It can emerge quickly and silently.
    ~The claw cannot move from it's original position.
    ~Usable three times.
    ~Can only absorb one attack. Any B-rank and above technique will destroy it afterward.

    (Meiton: Kurai Kurage) - Meiton: Dark Jellyfish
    Type: Offensive / Defensive
    Rank: A
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage: 60
    Description: The user will focus their Dark Chakra and form 3 handseals. After finishing the three handseals, they form a large, floating body of Dark chakra with 10 extending arms of Dark Chakra that forms a fist on each one (Each fist having a destructive force that can break bones), a Dark Jellyfish. The body of the jellyfish moves slowly through the air but the arms can attack swiftly. The jellyfish's body can absorb C-Rank jutsu and after doing so, can burst in a large mass of blue fire that burns anything short-range of it.
    ~Usable once.
    ~After absorbing 3 attacks, the jellyfish will vanish in thin air.
    Looks like:

    (Meiton: Tsuji Giri) - Dark Release: Night Slash
    Type: Attack
    Rank: A-Rank
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage: 60
    Description: The user will hold their palm outwards and a sword made out of dark chakra will come out of their meiton mark on their palm. This sword can be used to combat against other weaponry that utilizes chakra to increase their strength. If the user swings their sword, they can release the sword as a long blade of dark chakra at the target.*
    ~Usable twice.

    Tai, Nin, Gen, KTai (-Special ones), Kyoutryuu Taijutsu, Ken, Med Training (In Progress)

    Background Info.
    History: Ahri was born in a village that was far seperated from the rest of the Ninja World in the sea that holds the Land of Water in it. Her village was a small village that had a stable living community and a small ninja program that was used to defend from neighboring pirates in the lands nearby. The land used mostly fish and very simple crops to provide food for the people and at times, there would be minor shortages of food but the people would trust in each other to ration food properly. When Ahri was born in the village, she was raised by her parents in the kindest and loving way. She wanted to make everyone around her just as happy as she was while she grew up.

    When she turned 5, she was enrolled in the small ninja academy so that she could learn to defend herself from anybody that would harm her. Her class contained about 4 other people and they were all very close, Riven, Shen, Kennen, and Akali. Riven and Ahri were very closely friends since before joining the academy and were friends since there parents allowed them to play together as young children. Ahri did not show the proper attributes of being a ninja but the reason for the classes was to train her to defend herself and to learn about the Ninja World. However, since the village was isolated off from the mainland, they learned out-of-date information and were getting lessons on the time of when the villages were just forming. This was also when Ahri learned the tale of the Juubi and the division of the Juubi into the 9 tailed beasts. When Ahri learned of the Nine-Tailed Fox, she imagined the fox as a young woman that had nine tails, rather then an actual fox.

    While training in the ninja academy, she trained to master a basic element, but she showed no real skill in any of the basic five elements. However, her friend Riven learned to control earth very soon after joining the academy and was seen as a prodigy in comparison to the other students that had been on the island. Riven also was very interested in the art of the sword and took an interesting in immense broadswords. She soon learned to wield one but not with particular skill and over the years, she would refine her ability. Shen at the time was training in the mastery of stealth and toughening his own body. Kennen, although small, built very powerful muscles in his legs so that he could move quickly. He also learned the lightning element after a short time of joining the academy and used his speed in combination with his lightning jutsu to fight offensively. Akali was lazy and trained in all basic areas of ninjutsu so that she could be effective in any situation.

    Ahri, feeling behind on her abilities, trained continuously so that she could keep up with the others but she steadily fell behind and one day, pirates would attack their small village.

    The pirates came at dusk while people were readying for dinner. The pirates that had attacked the island however were not pirates and were fleeing Kekkai Genkai shinobi from the Land of Water that needed refuge. The 5 ninja, still gennin level, were asked to evacuate the people to safety boats that were located near the shore while the older and more powerful ninja held them off for a short time before fleeing with them. As Ahri the others evacuated them, a few other shinobi came in to seize the Kekkai Genkai shinobi but due to their incompetence, they attacked the villagers and Ahri and others were forced to fight them off for a short time. During the short fight, Ahri would "sacrifice" herself to allow the others to leave with the villagers. The shinobi would apprehend Ahri and bring her unto their ship as a prisoner.

    They took Ahri and they soon realized that she wasn't a shinobi with a Kekkai Genkai ability and so they realized that they were attacking people without Kekkai Genkai, innocent people. They kept Ahri as a prisoner in order to not allow her to tell people of their accidental slaughter.

    After being taken prisoner however, the shinobi were ambushed by the Kekkai Genkai shinobi from before and during the battle, Ahri escaped onto the Kekkai Genkai shinobis' boat. As the Kekkai Genkai shinobi defeat them, they find the stow-away and realize quickly that she isn't a Kirigakure shinobi and take her in. They would inspect her for any signs of sealing upon her but would not find anything out of the ordinary except for a birthmark on her right palm. They sent her to the Dark Release users so that they would see if this birthmark would be any relation to her being able to use Dark Release, she would be able to in time.

    As she traveled with the shinobi, she learned from truely powerful shinobi and learned how to manipulate all the elements masterfully but showing true potential in earth and lightning elements but she hadn't unlocked her ability to use Dark Release yet. She spent many years training with them.

    One night, the boat was ambushed by a small, elite group of shinobi. When Ahri came to defend the boat, she fought with the three attackers and was able to hold them off a long time until she realized who they were. They were her four childhood friends that she loved and cherished. When she asked why they were attacking the boat, they responded that the Kekkai Genkai shinobi attacked and killed a large part of the villagers and killing off her own parents. When they told her this, Ahri, in a deep confusion about what happened to her loved ones, erupted in anger, the first time she had ever felt true hate for anyone, and released multiple surges of dark chakra through her palm and destroyed the boat and formed a large whirlpool that separated everyone.

    Ahri would land in the land of Kirigakure upon the shores and meet with an elderly lady that would give her guidance. The elderly woman helped Ahri in the land and taught her of the world and what it was now since Ahri showed no real knowledge of the world. She would also notice her Dark Release mark and tell her to hide it while she stayed in Kirigakure due to the purges. While travelling through Kirigakure in search of her friends, she saw the horrors of the purges and what happened in the land and so she felt the need to protect them from any dangers.

    Knowing that people would easily recognize her if she just helped people directly, she created a disguise to look like the envisioned Nine-Tails Fox and so she went about saving people while in search of her friends. At this time, she learned the mists and land of Kirigakure very well and was able to navigate through the mist in a short time, learning to rely on her other senses. She would become known for saving shinobi with Kekkai Genkai and returning people's attacks back onto them. She would never find her close friends while in Kirigakure. Knowing that they would have washed up somewhere else, she would leave Kirigakure after saying good-bye to her older friend and leave to Kumogakure.

    While in Kumogakure, she met with the people there who had been experimenting with their own Jinchuuriki and when Ahri told them that she was the Nine-Tailed Fox, they laughed at her and brought her to their Raikage. The Raikage had an outrageous laugh and would allow Ahri to stay in Kumogakure as long as she kept on her Nine-Tails disguise because it gave him a laugh. Ahri didn't appreciate him but it would become her new home for the time being and she would adapt to the harsh conditions quickly, as well as opening a large tavern with her friend Makise Kurisu.

    Ahri still hasn't found her friends.

    Riven - MIA
    Akali - MIA
    Shen - MIA
    Kennen - MIA

    Other People she met along the way

    Lee Sin - Found meditating with monks
    Fiora - MIA
    Master Yi - MIA
    Malzahar - MIA
    Annie - MIA
    Ashe - MIA
    Caitlynn - MIA
    Darius - MIA
    Diana - MIA
    Draven - MIA
    Ezreal - MIA
    Gangplank - MIA
    Garen - MIA
    Gragas - MIA
    Graves - MIA
    Irelia - MIA
    Janna - MIA
    Jarvan - MIA
    Jax - MIA
    Jayce - MIA
    Kar-... Who? - MIA
    Katarina - MIA
    Kayle - MIA
    LeBlanc - MIA
    Leona - MIA
    Lux - MIA
    Miss Fortune - MIA
    Mordekaiser - MIA
    Nidalee - MIA
    Olaf - MIA
    Pantheon - MIA
    Sejuani - MIA
    Singed - MIA
    Sivir - MIA
    Sona - MIA
    Swain - MIA
    Syndra - MIA
    Talon - Found in the depths of ROOT
    Taric - MIA
    Tryndamere - MIA
    Twisted Fate - MIA
    Udyr - MIA
    Vayne - MIA
    Vladimir - MIA
    Xin Zhao - MIA



    Theme Song and Background Music:




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