Obito will explain himself while kakashi and guy are like what da fuk is going on

Naruto will ask kakashi and guy if they know the guy standing in front of them

kakashi will tell naruto the man who called himself tobi is none other than obito uchiha kakashi's former team mate who was thought to have been K.I.A(killed in action).

kakashi will ask obito how did he survive and why did he turn out how he did.

obito will say that none of that matters and that even though kakashi and guy were his friends he will not let that stop him from accomplishing his goals,kakashi and guy declare that if that's how it's gonna be then to protect the future of the shinobi etc they will kill obito before obito accomplishes his goals.

Naruto tells kakashi and guy about what itachi told him about taking on too much by himself and now naruto's giving them the same advice itachi gave him and says that they don't have to fight obito on his own and that he's there to help not only that but not only will he save sasuke from the darkness but he'll also try save obito.

The jubi is fully revived and smashes through the barrier obito put up and obito ashamed of what he's become admits that he needs help and that he made a terrible mistake reviving jubi and now there's nothing he can do to put things right and that he'll get the jubi to kill him to which naruto tells him he won't let obito waste his life and that he'll save obito just like he did with nagato etc too which obito smiles and says that he's glad kakashi stayed on the right path and that kakashi has raised a model student that will become the most inspirational shinobi konoha had ever produced which causes kakashi to produce tears too which obito tells him it's okay to cry.

madara turns up too everyone's shock and naruto goes no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this can't be happening then kakashi and guy look in shock as they recognise the person standing not so far from them from the valley of the end statue and obito wals over to madara and too everyone's including madaras shock obito tells madara he can't do it any more and just as madara is about to kill obito naruto gets in between them and tells madara that he'll fight him to protect obito to which obito who's in shock asks naruto why would he want to protect him to which naruto says cause he has a dream and until he puts things right he can't become hokage and that he knows obito isn't fully responsible for his actions and that if madara uchiha is the one who started all this then as the hero of the leaf, the kyubis jinchuriki,the son of the 4th,and the child of prophecy he will end madaras evil roght here right now so that he can't ruin any more lives and says besides if i need help i have my friends then all of the suden naruto hears someone say you heard the knuckle head he has his friends and we're all here and naruto etc sees that narutos friends and the rest of the alliance have appeared and stand united against madara and the jubi.

The end of chapter 600.