Kakashi: Your Obito... right??

Obito: *smirks* Wow what a nice guess Kakashi, but I am no longer a person whose name died long ago!


Gai: !!

Naruto/Kurama: ...


Obito: *wakes up with his half his side bandaged up* I-I thought I was dead... why am I alive?

????: Ahh your awake.

Obito: Whose there!! *rises up*

????: *Walks out*

Masked man: Must I really tell you who I am?

Obito: *confused look*

Masked Man: I saved you for a reason, why would such a strong will Uchiha die so easily when war continues, why can't we make peace?

Obito: *clenches blankets* Why are we considering peace and war? I want to protect everyone with peace but there's no way if I'm this weak...

Masked Man: Then lets bring peace by demolishing the ones who bring war. Let yourself hate the world who brings this war! *cackles*

Obito: no...

Masked Man: Are you sure you want to say such a thing *Warps both Obito and himself to a hidden place*

Obito: Wha? *looks around at the stars*

Near By:

Kakashi: * stops walking* Take a rest Rin, we can continue the mission in a few hours, I'll keep watch.

Rin: *smiles* alright! *plops down and sighs*

Kakashi: what?

Rin: *laughs* I wonder how Minato Sensei and Kushina-Sama's doing...

Kakashi: ehhhh...

*out of no where*

Masked Man: *grabs Rin with a smirk* hello ...

Kakashi: Rin?!

*Where Obito is*

Obito: RIN!! *starts to get up but falls back down in pain* arghhh! why?! *Watches the masked man leave with Rin and Kakashi follow* Damnit let me follow! *forcefully get's up and staggers toward the direction they went*

Kakashi: Let her go!

Masked Man: *Snickers* try me... *runs again back turned*

Rin: Kakashi!!

Kakashi: NO! *Starts to do Chidori and catches up to him, stabbing it in his back and goes through and into and out of Rin*

Rin: ARGH! *coughs blood*

Kakashi: ?!

Masked Man: You can't touch me... *Whacks Kakashi hard into tree and throws Rin on the ground. disappearing*

Kakashi: *Coughs and gets up rushing to Rin* Rin! RIN!

Rin: Ka-Kakashi...

*Obito stumbles near scene and eyes widen as a tear falls*

*Masked man appears near him*

Obito: Y-You did this!!

Masked Man: No my dear child Kakashi did...

Obito: ?!

*Continues watching*

Kakashi: *tears begin to fall* I'm sorry this happened!

Rin: *Slowly raises hand and presses it against his face* D-don't worry, I'll be fine *smiles weakly and closes eyes going unconcious*

Kakashi *Holds her hand that's pressed* Rin! Rin wake up! Please! *starts to cry harder* You said you'd be fine... so please...

*Obito falls and slowly cries*

Masked Man: *grabs Obito's head as he mumbles something and Obito falls unconcious* you'll make a fine puppet soon my child...

End of Chapter 600 prediction!