i been thinking about what the remaining seven sword men of the mist and what there the swords abilites may be i came up with a few.

soul blade: a giant broad sword with a deadly ability whoever is killed by the sword all there ninjutsu genjutsu even blood line limits go to this user. to keep the generation strong like a hidden bloody clan in the mist the current user must pick his own killer to train and kill him with his own sword so the new user gains the power of the last generation to use with his own giving him a edge over a vast majority.

omnipitant blade: a mesanume style blade but the blade bend to the users will making him able to outmanover thee most skilled swords man. the blade however takes serious skill to control loseing control of it could turn your own weapon against you.

phantom blade: a rapier style sword able to becoem solid and untouchable making very tough to fight againt as the user can damage you from the inside the flaw in it is the very thing the makes it unque when its phantom like its gaurd is open.

gia blade: a Kampilan style blade give the user the ability to use the earth like a weapon able to use the earth for defence and attack. allthough a powerful style it is vurnable to the lighning element.

what do u guys think?