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    600 prediction =)) (1st time)

    title : the spirit of an uchiha

    kakashi: are you obito??

    tob: obito?? oh the owner of this body??

    kakashi: owner of this body?? what do you mean?? who are you??

    tobi: i use this body to replace my dying one and repair it w/ zetsu cells that my brother created

    kakashi: your brother?? whos is your brother?? who are you???

    guy: yeah who are you?? what are you talkin about??

    B: yeah im the 8 tails host, and i'll admit your face is gross

    tobi: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! since you guys managed to break my mask i will reward you w/ my true identity


    kakashi: IZUNA!!? that brother of madara is long dead

    tobi/izuna: hahaha well FYI i lived and and use my soul transfer tech in this boys body and use his eyes

    kakashi: U ******!!! you use my BFF's body and his eyes to evil

    tobi: dont u understand kakashi?? this is all 4 peace if my project tsuki no me is completed there will be no lies,no war, no pain and anything that will hurt you in this cursed shinobi world

    naruto: your wrong wrinkled man pain,lies and war is inevitable in this shinobi world but as is said what is the use of having peace if it is only an illusion
    if there is such thing as peace i will find it

    tobi: is that the words that you gave to nagato?? thats why he betrayed me?? there is no such thing as peace, there is no hope in this shinobi world
    thats why surrender the 9 and 8 tails to me

    naruto: NO!!!!!!!!!!
    (naruto attacks tobi w/ BM mode)

    tobi: you know you cant defeat me w/o ur sensei naruto and this will be the end for you the 10 tails will be reborn and i will cast infinite tsukoyomi in the world!!!

    (naruto's attack slip right through tobi)
    naruto: argh i cant defeat him w/ only this what am i gonna do
    naruto: kakashi sensei is down he has no more chackra for his kamui

    kakashi: naruto sorry
    (kakashi faints)

    guy: kakashi!!!

    B: naruto lets to this togetha and defeat this motha fu*ka

    naruto: yeahhh
    (naruto flashback in his battle w/ deva path
    naruto uses 4 shadow clones all 4 shadow clones uses rasengan
    the 2 clones charges tobi and slip right through him and tobi uses the stakes to kill the two clones)

    tobi: that move will not work on me kid
    (the 3rd clone attacks tobi on his back but tobi simply becomes intangible
    and that moment a rasenshuriken and sent flying from tobi and still slips through him, then the original naruto charges tobi to punch him)
    tobi: this is the original, this is your end naruto
    (tobi tries to suck naruto but the last clone is charging from the back to hit tobi w/ a rasengan and tobi and the original naruto gets hit)

    tobi: ARGH!

    naruto : HEHe!

    naruto: see? i can take this much suffering but you your a coward that talks peace but you only wants the world for your self

    tobi: you think you win??? HAHAHAHAHAHA
    (a mysterious man suddenly appears)

    madara: you overdo your self brother and in the end i need to rescue you and you fail to capture the 8 and 9 tails

    naruto: MADARA!? why R u here?? the KAGES???

    madara: why am i here??? if you have a brother will you not rescue him from the people who endangers his life?? and the kages?? see them 4 your self
    a bunch of weaklings
    madara: now ill end THIS!!!!!!!!!!!


    nxt chapter : "SASUKE meets the K11" =))

    im not good at creating a battle scene sorry

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    Re: 600 prediction =)) (1st time)

    No.....Just no.

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    Awards Showcase

    Re: 600 prediction =)) (1st time)

    some grammar needs fixing to match the manga....but overall meh alright

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    Re: 600 prediction =)) (1st time)

    Sorry, predictions and writing just arn't your thing..

    Please avoid this area completely.

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    Re: 600 prediction =)) (1st time)

    Woah! Kishi will have a lot of swear words in the chapter but interesting, nice theory, + rep

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    Re: 600 prediction =)) (1st time)

    it was good don't worry bout the trolls

    it sounds possible

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