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    confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    here ya go enjoy!!!!:D:D

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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009
    Naruto 453 RAW Spoilers and Predictions
    by: Yagami1211 NF
    Cover is Naruto.

    While Sasuke is racing to Konoha, Tobi warps in front of him.

    stuff happens

    Sasuke : Taka leaves the Akatsuki.
    Tobi : As I said before, betrayers dies !
    Taka : ?!
    Tobi : It's really too bad, I had high hopes for you.

    Then talks about Killer Bee.

    Tobi : You almost got killed by the Eight Tails.

    Then when Tobi heard they're going to Konoha ...
    He tells them that Konoha no longer exists
    And that Tobi's subordinate, Pain, destroyed the village.

    Tobi : And that's not all. Thanks to you and Pain, they're going to be a Kage Summit.

    Then Zetsu comes.

    Tobi : What ? A new Hokage ?
    Zetsu : They choosed Danzou.
    Tobi : I knew it !
    Sasuke : Danzou ...
    Tobi : One of thoses elders who blackmailed your brother.

    Then we see Naruto ...

    Karui/Omoi = We'll avenge our master, spit out intelligence about Sasuke !

    Naruto feels sympathy about them because they lost their master.

    Naruto : Your master is a Jinchuuriki ? I'm a Jinchuuriki myself and
    I'd like to help you save him.

    Let's search for him together. We'll deal with Sasuke later, okay ?
    Tell everything you know about Akatsuki.
    Then they continue talking

    Then we get back to Sasuke.

    Taka's next move is ... attack the 5 Kage Summit and kill the new Hokage !

    Zetsu splits in half ( ??? ) and the white Zetsu leads Sasuke.

    Dark Zetsu : I hope it will go well.
    Tobi : Yeah ...

    Spoilers guys talk about what they think about the story ...
    ( Nothing interesting really )

    Tobi : Nagato died too ... He wasted Rinne Tensei, even though he was supposed to use it for me.
    It's because of Uzumaki Naruto ! Sasuke can become greater than Nagato ... I hope we can control Sasuke ...

    Tobi : The plan is going like planned.
    We must continue the Eyeball plan !

    Then we see SUNA and guess what ****ING GAARA RETURNS ! He's going to the Kage Summit !
    Then we see Kankuro and Gaara tells him he doesn't need him as a bodyguard.
    - - - - - - - - - - - --
    translated by: Sho NF

    It returns to Sasuke

    Taka will mobilize to kill the Hokage at the 5-Kage summit!

    Zetsu splits into two, and has his white half show Sasuke's group where the talks will take place

    Dark Zetsu: Masterfully done

    Tobi: I know

    Here's some excerpts of it since it was so freakin' long:

    Did you plan for Nagato to die as well?

    The Rinne-tensei, which would have been done for my sake, was unforutunately used for...~

    We're even closer thanks to Uzumaki Naruto~

    Will Sasuke be better than Nagato?~

    ...control Sasuke well...~

    Tobi: I've been biding my time but now we shall quickly commence forward with the "Eye of the Moon" project!

    __________________________________________________ _________
    Anticipate fanfic predictions from ShiverX, TheSixthHokage, The Special One and Freakout. This is the only blog given consent to re-post their writings and predictions.

    Status: PREDICTION
    by: The Special One

    Naruto 453: Konoha at the Center of Attention

    (Team 7 learns of Sasuke's erratic behavior.)

    "You can't seriously believe this, right Naruto? Sasuke would never join such a shady organization," said Sakura. "Who cares what you think! He was caught red handed in an Akatuski cloak carrying away our master," yelled Omoi.

    "How you can even stand up for a missing nin who left the village and joined an s-class criminal organization is nothing short of insanity," said Karui. "And Akatuski did this to your village, how could you fools be so stupid enough to over look this. The mighty Konoha has definitely fallen," said Omoi.

    NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    "Wait just one second! I won't let you talk down to Sasuke and our village like that," yelled Sakura. (She balls up her fists.) "Looks like she wants some more. Fine, after we are done with her, I'll gladly have me some Uchiha on my plate," said Omoi.

    (Karui flips her blade) "This time I'll cut her," said Karui. (Naruto stops Sakura. Sai is shocked.)

    "Naruto, what are you doing? Let me go, this is Sasuke we're talking about," said Sakura. "Tell me something Cloud ninja. Was there something special about your master," said Naruto.

    "Special as in his amazing strength," said Omoi. "Was he, a jinchuurikii," said Naruto. "Nnn, Naruto," mumbled Sakura. "TELL ME, was your master a Jinchuurikii," yelled Naruto.

    "Yes. He was the eight tailed beast," said Karui. "Master spent most of his young life protecting the village. At first everyone was scared of him. But after risking his life time and time again, the people began to except him as part of the village. (Naruto reflects on himself) Raikage, his older brother, placed him, our Master in those situations in order for the villagers to respect him," said Omoi.

    (Flash Back of the Eight Tails Released facing off against hordes of shinobi.)

    "He was so strong. He was an experienced swordsmen type shinobi. We looked up to him. We wanted to be strong just like him and protect the village. We begged and begged, and finally with the kindness of his heart, he took us under his wing. We finally grew strong enough to join Samui who, like our Master, is a top Jounin in our village and reports directly to Raikage. Then we eventually formed our platoon. We were just like our Master, in the sense that we were the Hokage's most trusted. Still, its unreal that he's been captured," said Karui.

    NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    "We called him Killer Bee and he was everything to us. He took us good for nothing kids and changed us into top shinobi. That's why, I'll never forgive that Uchiha bastard," said Omoi.

    "I understand," said Naruto. "What, how could you possibly understand. Killer Bee had it hard his entire life. And all of a sudden, Akatuski takes him away, for what, because he has special power to exploit," yelled Omoi. "You Konoha ninja make me sick," said Karui.

    "Your master and I, are similar," said Naruto. "What are you getting at," asked Omoi. "I am also a jinchuurikii. I am the 9 tailed host and I recently defended the village from Akatuski, because they wanted me," said Naruto.

    "So you are like him, a host," said Karui. "My apologies. Your life must have been difficult as well. You said you saved the village. Perhaps you are Killer Bee's ongoing will. In that case, we'll sit here and get to understand the situation," said Omoi.

    (Karui and Omoi jump over to Team 7's location.)

    "Naruto, you don't think Sasuke really did this," asked Sakura. (Flash back of Itachi's words)

    "Sasuke is still pure, but he can be easily painted," said Itachi.

    (Back to present)

    "Someone told me that Sasuke might have changed," said Naruto. "But who," asked Sakura. "It doesn't matter, but that's not all. That man with the mask. The Akatuski member that went after Sasuke. I know something about him," said Naruto.

    (Flash back of Minato talking about the masked man manipulating Pain.)

    "Is it really ok to be listening to this," said Karui. "It'll bring us to a better solution," said Omoi.

    (Sakura is confused and is about to ask Naruto to elaborate, but he speaks on.)

    "You two. Leave Sasuke to me. I'm sure I can end it," said Naruto. "Hay listen, this was the guy that defeated our master, surely you can't handle him alone," said Omoi.

    (Flash back of Itachi.)

    "I gave you some of my power. I hope the day comes when you never have to use it," said Itachi.

    (Back to the present.)

    "No. Its something I have to do. So I insist, don't pursue Sasuke. I'll go after him," said Naruto. "Well, based on the reports, he had three allies with him. Its likely he used them to help him defeat our master," said Karui. "We'll at least make them pay for their treachery," smiled Omoi. "Thank you," said Naruto.

    Switch Scene to Danzou's hut:

    "So, the Hokage summit will take place in Konoha," said Danzou. "Yeah, I'm assuming due to geographical location, Konoha is the most viable spot. The Fire country is between the great shinobi countries, and since Konoha is a prestigious nation, its the best location for the summit," said Anbu 1.

    "Heh. I wonder what they'll think once they see that we're in shambles," said Anbu 2.

    Switch Scene to Sand Village:

    "What is it Temari," asked Gaara. "Its an urgent summit of the Five Great Kages," said Temari. "Hmm. I wonder what's going on. Konoha seems to be the location. I'll wonder if I'll see him there," said Gaara.

    Switch Scene to Tsuchigakure:

    (He's cloaked up)

    "Summit of the Kages. Konoha... Its been years since the 3rd shinobi war. I wonder if there is still some tension," said Tsuchikage.

    Switch Scene: Raikage Dashes to Konoha

    "Raikage sir, please slow down," said Adviser. "The day has a arise to put an end to Akatuski," said Raikage.

    Switch Scene To Mizugakure:

    (Madara dresses himself up)

    "It seems Konoha is going to be pretty hot. I'll lay low for a while and let Sasuke stir things up," said Madara.

    Next Chapter: Team 7 And Team Samui Join Forces

    __________________________________________________ _________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: ShiverX

    Naruto Shippuuden 453 prediction: The Deal

    "The cloud ninjas tell Naruto, Sai and Sakura about Sasuke being in Akatsuki and capturing their master."

    "Naruto, Sai and Sakura is shocked by this announcement."

    Naruto thinks: Sasuke, what happened to you....

    Naruto: - Why would Sasuke do a thing like that to your village and your master?!

    "Omoi and Karui seems to be suprised at Naruto's obviously inaccurate question and tone of voice."

    Karui: - You seem to know little of Sasuke anyway. He is in Akatsuki. Our scouts saw him and his team defeat and kidnap our master Killerbee.. How they did it is another question.
    Omoi: - We will have our revenge! Master....

    "Omoi looks angry and sad at the same time"

    Karui: - Yes, and not to mention the immediate threat this causes as our master is the host of the eight-tails.

    "Naruto is shocked"

    Naruto: - The eight tails? Your master?

    "Omoi takes a defensive stance and Karui looks casually irritated"

    Omoi: - Maybe you feel that the eight tails is a monster, and in that, that we are monsters that is lying to you about Sasuke in some weird plot to steal Konohas Bijuu and then start a war with other countries so that In keeping silence about Sasuke you will not reveal anything about Konoha that might help us and *Karui hits Omoi over the head to stop him from worrying" * Ouch!
    Karui: Sorry about the worry wort, his worried mind tends to wander. But he has a point. Yes our master is the eight tails. You have a problem with that?!

    "Karui looks menacing and Omoi joins her side looking somewhat insulted towards Naruto."
    "Naruto looks intensely on the two"

    Naruto: - No no. I don't think any of the sort. In fact, I know how you feel.

    "Naruto looks down again in thought and looks concentrated and somewhat uneasy"
    NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    Naruto thinks: - Sasuke, why did you go after a Bijuu... Are you really in Akatsuki?

    Karui: - Hey! What do you mean by that?! What's up with that look? You have a tailed host in Konoha to, is this the person you are thinking about?!
    Omoi: How dare you think of our master as such! He is no monster or a dammed force to be used in your political wars, you or Akatsuki! Maybe you sent Sasuke to collect Killerbee for your village to somehow make somethi.. *Again Karui hits Omoi over the head!* Ouch!
    Karui: Again, pay no attention to him. Please answer my question.

    "Naruto smiles a little at the scene but get serious again real quickly and looks at Omoi."

    Naruto: - I have no intention of ever capturing the Bijuu hosts and neither does the village, as long as I have anything to say. I mean your master no harm. I can't believe Sasuke would do that either.... It worries me a lot that he did.

    "Naruto pauses, the two Cloud Ninjas listen carefully"

    Naruto: - I do know why he might have done it though...if it's true he is in akatsuki...Although, again I can't for the sake of me understand why he would join them...

    Karui looks intrested by this statement"

    Karui: - Why? Why would he do it?

    "Naruto meets her eyes"

    Naruto: - Akatsuki is hunting the Bijuu's. They want to use them to create a powerful weapon. In fact, we were just attacked by Akatsuki ourselves. As you can see it took some toll on our village.

    "Naruto signals towards the village around them, the two ninjas look around."

    Karui: - Did they target your Tailed host?
    Naruto: - Yes.
    Karui: - Did they get it?
    Naruto: - No.
    Omoi: - What happened to the Akatsuki member? Who was it?

    "Karui is suprised by the simple question from Omoi."

    Naruto: It was the leader of the Akatsuki. His naim was Pain. We defeated him.
    Sakura: - You defeated him Naruto!

    "Sakura Points towards Naruto"

    Sakura: - Naruto defeated him!

    "Naruto gestures to Sakura to settle down"

    Karui: - So you protected your weapon? How good, but your missing Nin is still out there and he has our Master. Now tell us about him!

    "Naruto gets angry but stays calm. He thinks again why Sasuke would do this, and then he get's it!"
    Naruto thinks: The masked Akatsuki member!
    "Naruto has flashbacks to his fathers words"

    "Sakura starts to object to Omoi's insults but Naruto interferes and looks with a serious face on Karui and Omoi."
    NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    Naruto: - I will tell you about Sasuke if you agree to let me try to reason with him, and give your help in finding him. Because I believe he is not doing this entirely out of his own accord. Because he wouldn't do that to a Tailed beast-host.
    Karui: - And why is that? Huh? How do you know?!
    Naruto: - Because I'm his friend!

    " The two Ninjas are a little bit surprised by the words and the intensity. Karui looks confused by this."

    Karui: What has that to do with him attacking Jinchuurikii?!

    "Naruto is silent for a second"

    Karui: - Answer me!
    Naruto: Because...

    "Naruto pauses and then looks her straight in her eyes, defiant"

    Naruto: - I'm the Jinchuurikii!, I'm the nine tails! So you see, I feel for Killerbee as well.

    "The two Cloud ninjas are baffled"

    Naruto: - Now, will you agree?

    "The cloud Ninjas look at each other and after a second nod"

    Karui: - Ok, you can join us. Just know that if our master is dead there will be consequences.

    "Naruto relaxes and smiles"

    Naruto: - Good, agreed then. Now tell me about Killerbee.

    What is Naruto's interest in Killerbee? What will this alliance bring?

    Next chapter: - The New Plan, Danzo's Response -
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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    __________________________________________________ _________
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Freakout
    Naruto: What do you mean by Sauke being a part of Akatsuki?
    Omoi: What an idiot are you? This Uchiha retard came to us with three other people in Akatsuki coats and attacked my master Killerbee, the eight tails.
    Sakura: With three other people?NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    Karuhi: Yes, reports say a crazy girl, a big guy and strange guy with a sword taller than he is. Killerbee wiped the floor with him more than once but after biting this girl he miraculous recovered. In the end sensai lost and got abducted.
    Omoi: This little bastard and his criminal goons who work for Akatsuki. I will never forgive him if anything has happened to my master.
    Samui appears
    Samui Keep cool, both of you.
    Omoi+Karuhi: Why should we?
    Omoi: They are friends with this renegade Uchiha who abducted our teacher and probably killed him. There is no way I would calm down especially since they sudden attack us while we just wanted to talk.
    Sai: Your partner pointed with a sword towards Sakura. We just attacked in self defence.
    Omoi: eh…
    Samui: So it seems it was just a misunderstanding.
    Tenzou shows up
    Tenzou: What a rant do you execute here? All stay calm. I witnessed what happened and must say, all overreacted a little.
    Sakura: Captain Yamato…
    Tenzou: I don’t doubt the true in your words because there is no reason for it but it also is strange that the came in a group of four. Akatsuki only operates in two man cells.
    Omoi: They just knew Killber-sama was a tough nut and therefore send four instead of two people. NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    Naruto: No, this can’t be. Even their former leader who was after me and whom I just defeat had a partner.
    Karuhi: After you??? Do you say you’re…
    Sakura: Yes, he is the Jinchuriki of the nine tails.
    Karui: … No wonder you’re strong enough to parry me.
    Samui: Even knowing Akatsuki is after you and he is in Akatsuki now you believe in him… You must not only be naïve but also dumb… Though, the thing with the two man cells are interesting.
    Switch scene to Sasuke and Hawk
    Along their way to Konoha they pass two random travellers.
    Traveller 1: Hey, did you here?
    Traveller 2: Hear what?
    Traveller 1: Konohagakure got levelled down and complete destroyed by the leader of this mysterious Akatsuki organization people speak about so much.
    Sasuke: …!!!
    Traveller 1: And a kid he obviously was after shall have defeated him.
    Sasuke: …!!!!!
    Karin: Sasuke…
    Suigetsu: Well, this is saving us work.
    Traveller 2: Is that so? What a shame… Konoha was the prettiest village I ever saw…
    Then, they are out of range to hear.
    Switch scene back to Naruto
    Naruto: What ever it is I still believe Sasuke isn’t an Akatsuki and your master is all right.
    Omoi: And if that is so, why should he stay away of the village you dumbass?
    Naruto: Because I am myself a Jinchuriki I know how they get treated. I can understand why he keeps distance. NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    Karuhi: How will you know, you may be right with this but he is the brother of Raikage-sama.
    Naruto: This doesn’t change much. I am as well related to a legend in our village’s history and still got treaded like I was the demon itself…
    Sakura: What does he mean…?
    Omoi: Don’t talk crap and even if so, he still hurt and abducted him. You can’t understand what it is like to loose someone precious.
    Naruto: I do, Pain killed master Ero-Sennin Jiraya, destroyed our whole village killed Kakashi sensei and while I fought him and laid down a moment Hinata jumped in to protect me and confessed her love to me but he cold hearty stabbed her. During all that he spoke about the pain he had to endure and about it is necessary to understand one others pain only is possible if you went through the same.
    Sakura: But Kakashi sensei is still alive, does he intend to trick them?
    Naruto: After I stopped the last of his six bodies he controlled with his Rinnengan and found where he hides. I went to his position to talk with him and I had more than one chance to kill him there but after I heard his story and learned what made him to what he was.. I couldn’t forgive him for what he did but I didn’t kill him.
    Samui: But didn’t you just say you defeated him?
    Naruto: Defeat doesn’t mean kill someone. After our talk he realized he took the wrong path for peace through wars and sacrificed himself to resurrect all he killed. I know your master is still alive and Sasuke did this because he wants to defeat Akatsuki from the inner.
    Omoi+Karui: !!!
    Naruto: If you want to hunt for him I will follow you because I want to speak with him one last time but before I must see this Danzou guy.
    Samui: Well since you’re the Ninetails and Akatsuki is after you and since this Sasuke appears to be an member of them it could become easier to find him so therefore I don’t mind.
    Sakura: If Naruto goes I go too.
    Sai: And I as well.
    Kakashi shows up.
    Kakashi: Hold o a moment, you can’t easy leave Konoha without permission and as it currently is it won’t become easy.
    Switch scene to Kabuto
    He approach a person completely covered in shadows.
    Shady Person: So you finally here and again too late. I already thought you won’t show up like the last time. NARUTO Spoilers and Manga
    Kabuto: Sorry got some Konoha dogs at my tail and had to get them loss.
    Shady Person: Seems the time staying with Orochimaru was not good for you sneaking skills…
    Kabuto: No. My skills are the same, the Konohan Shinobi are just better than expected. Anyway, why did you send after me?

    Shady Person: Well it seems Madara and Akatsuki are short on members and will fail soon. In addition, this Uchiha kid, Sasuke was his name, you know him and his Team doesn’t really seem they want to help them…
    Kabuto: Yeah I do and since he only cares for his revenge and not helping Akatsuki as hoped you won’t mind if I kill him next time I meet him?
    Shady Person: Do as you please, as it is now he has no worth for us. Just find a way to aid Akatsuki without revealing yourself because you know…
    Kabuto: Yes the tailed demons are in the way of our plans and therefore must be sealed.
    Shady Person: Good and keep an eye at the nine tails since he is the strongest and if your unable to get him find an other way.
    Kabuto: I will but I doubt I will be able to do something against him. Seems we have to search another way. However, if were lucky we can make arrangements such as Sasuke fighting the Kyuubi and therefore still work for our interests.
    Shady Person: Good, your now dismissed
    Something new has appeared and the Tailed Demons appear to be in their way. Who are they and what interests do they have…
    End of chapter next issue: What Happens Now?
    __________________________________________________ _______
    Status: PREDICTION
    by: Toad-Sage
    Naruto 453 Prediction

    Starts with Sasuke, he's still in his way to konoha.

    Scene switches to Naruto and Kumogakure ninjas:
    Naruto: No way, you won't get your revenge while as long as I'm alive.
    Omoi: Then maybe I should kill you first?
    Naruto: If you try, I won't hold back this time!
    Karui: Why do you want to protect sasuke? he's an akatsuki!
    Naruto: What's it to you anyway!?
    Karui: Then tell me, what do you know about Sasuke!?
    Naruto: Why should I say anything to you!?

    Samui Arrives.

    Samui: We've got the permission to kill Sasuke and delivered the letter from the Raikage, It's time to go!
    Omoi: What if they know where sasuke is!
    Samui: We don't have time for that, let's go!

    Kumogakure team leaves for their next mission, to kill sasuke.

    Scene switches to Shikamaru, his father and others:
    Shikamaru: The best thing we can do is try to convince as many villagers as possible, and have them select a new hokage.
    Shikaku: we can't just let Danzo get away with it, who knows what he plans to do if he remains in charge!
    Shikamaru: Alright, let's separate and try to get as many people as possible to vote, Go!

    Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Lee, Neji, Tenten, Guy, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Inoichi, Chouza and Shikaku moves in different directions.

    Scene switches to Sasuke and his team:

    Sasuke: Almost there...

    Scene switches back to Naruto, who is now with kakashi:

    Naruto: we've run into some Kumogakure ninjas, they're going to kill sasuke, should we tail them?
    Kakashi: You know we can't without the Hokage's orders.
    Naruto: but if we don't, Sasuke might get Killed!
    Kakashi: I know, but there's nothing we can do, we have to wait.
    Sakura: I'm not just gonna stay here while sas...

    She sees sasuke...she's astounded by what she sees. while Naruto and kakashi have a serious look at their faces, and sai does't seem surprized, as always.

    __________________________________________________ _________
    Status: Prediction
    by: Myth

    The Summit of the 5 kages

    Danzo" So is everything going according to plan

    Sai's Senior root" Yes Danzo-Sama, the other kages will arrive momentarily

    Danzo" Good, You did well now go

    Sai's Senior" Question, what if during the Jounin vote they choose another Hokage what will happen then

    Danzo" Do not worry yourself with such things for I have a surprise for them...

    Scene Switch to Naruto nd the team

    Sakura" Keep you mouth shut. sasuke would never join akatsuki

    Omai"did that kick make you dumb, I just said our village jounin saw him in the akatsuki robe carrying out our master, his coat also had the uchiha crest.

    Omai" How many uchiha are there, I heard there's just 1 left now nd its him

    Karui" Now tell us about sasuke or this time we won't hold back..

    Sakura" FIN-

    Naruto" stop sakura *thinks to himself* Could itachi have foresaw this! was he the one who really killed his clan

    Naruto" We will not tell you anything about sasuke, we don't know you nd there's no reason to discuss village matters with outsiders like you, GET LOST!

    Karui" This kid has a big mouth I'll shut him up

    Omai" No let me do it i saw something back then when he was attacking

    Naruto" Well, let's go then

    Omai nd naruto clash scene switches

    The Jounin are lined up in a room with the Kages sitting around the table

    Raikage" Our first priority should be to eliminate akatsuki, the village will be rebuilt you have a person who inherited the shodai hokage's techniques.

    Tsuchikage" I have heard deidara has been killed by this uchiha as well, deidara was one of our rouge nin's a skilled one at that

    Danzo" The order to kill sasuke uchiha has been granted, bu- *is interupted*

    Madara as the Mizukage" Why rush into things as to take down sasuke uchiha when we can focus on taking down the remaining members first, a source tells me there's 1 who is traveling with him named Suigetsu Hozuki, he disappeared a few years ago from the Mist, former pupil of Zabuza Mamochi.

    Tsuchikage" Plus u now have a shinobi who is more then capable of handling the other members, Uzumaki Naruto has defeated their leader, the same man who killed even Jiraiya. what problem could the members serve to such a strong Ninja

    Madara" And i have found out that they are down to 3 members excluding the uchiha's platoon, who by the cloud ninja's words are weaklings with the exception of Sasuke.

    Dazno" Naruto will not leave this village further more i believe he is a danger, he released 8 tails of the demon kyuubi in battle, idk who suppressed it or how he did it but thank god it happened.

    Garra" Naruto is a strong shinobi he can watch his own back i have fought with him once he was always capable. I say we organize a platoon of 2. I vote Kakshi Hatake, Nara Shikamru, then anbu next to kakashi(yaamto) nd Naruto Uzumaki, to go after the remaining 3 members. I also order Samui,Karui,and Omai with the addition of my brother Kankuro to go after the uchiha platoon.

    Mizukage" I agree good choice

    Raikage" hmm, your young kazekage but I'll allow it

    Tsuchikage" No objections

    Danzo" I do not agree why would i send Naruto out to the akatsuki when he is what they are after, i refuse

    Madara" *glances* you shouldn't be worried he's with capable shinobi nd he killed the akatsuki leader the man who killed Jiraiya.

    Tsuchikage" Besides its the majority against you Danzo, nd ur not even officaly hokage yet.

    Lords" its been settled then the 2 platoons will leave 2morow, dismissed!

    Scene switch to Naruto, we see omai nd karui on the floor



    Something blindly attacks naruto but he easily dodges it

    Naruto" Ur movements have gotten slower then last time SASUKE

    Sasuke" *smirks*

    Sasuke has arrived to Konoha,

    Next: The person manipulating everything is.

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    Lmao its great but WTF they are going to kill the hokage :confused::confused:

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    Quote Originally Posted by BAN_KAI View Post
    Lmao its great but WTF they are going to kill the hokage :confused::confused:
    i see that part as a good thing......kakashi and or naruto get the title of hokage.......naruto battles sasuke down the road......questioning how he could kill someone.......naruto understands knowing what he did to nagato......defeats sasuke and changing him in the the end sasuke ends up killing 1 person during the entire naruto series and naruto never kills anyone........they team up and team 7 brings peace to the world......bla bla bla happily ever after

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    And wtf is this

    Switch Scene To Mizugakure:

    (Madara dresses himself up

    LOOOOOLLLLLLLL he will really go to the summit :D

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    Quote Originally Posted by BAN_KAI View Post
    Lmao its great but WTF they are going to kill the hokage :confused::confused:
    they'll get pwnd

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    Quote Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
    they'll get pwnd
    lmao correction they will atack all the hokages WTF they are really going to get pwnd :D

    Taka's next move is ... attack the 5 Kage Summit and kill the new Hokage

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    Too stupid of them to attack all the Hokages with different abilities at once.

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    Re: confirmed spoiler and many other preditctions/good reads

    yea well i dont garuantee(spl) thats its said confirmed on the site i was on.......but i dont believe till i see pics supporting the spoiler, however i have seen scripts on tuesdays that are accurate many times B4........we shall see tomorrow

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