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    Well written & confirmed spoiler!!!

    From the color intro:
    The cover has Naruto, the spine was wife frog╣
    While Sasuke is on his way to Konoha, Tobi warps before him
    After that, various things happen
    Sasuke: Taka(hawk) has left Akatsuki
    Tobi: Didn't I tell you treachery meant death...?
    Sasuke's group: ??
    Tobi: What a shame, and I had such high hopes for you

    He then informs them about their failure to capture the Eight-Tails
    Tobi: You were tricked by the Eight-Tails

    Then when he is informed about them going to Konoha, Tobi tells them
    There's no such thing like Konoha any more ~ My subordinate Pain destroyed it ~ etcetera, etcetera

    Tobi: That's not all. Thanks to Sasuke's and Pain's violent acts, the Five Kage are going to have a summit

    Then Zetsu appears with great timing

    Tobi: The next Hokage was chosen?
    Zetsu: They decided on Danzou
    Tobi: As I thought...
    Sasuke: Danzou...
    Tobi: A member of the upper echelons who drove your brother into a corner

    From there we go to Naruto
    Omoi/Karui: Quickly give us information about Sasuke, so we can avenge our master
    It seems Naruto is possibly sympathetic because he felt the same once

    Your master is a jinchuuriki? I'm a jinchuuriki as well, I want to rescue your master
    Let's immediately look for him together, we can deal with Sasuke later, all right?

    I'll tell you everything I know about the Akatsuki
    The two▓ are deeply moved as they exchange information idiotically.

    Ah~ They talk way too long...

    Back to Sasuke
    After this, Taka goes to the summit of the Five Kage to kill the Hokage!!

    Zetsu splits in half and the white half shows Sasuke and co. the way to the place where the summit is going to be held.
    Black Zetsu: That was a success
    Tobi: Yeah

    Summarised from a damned long scene
    The scenario where Nagato dies came true as well, hm ~ He used the Samsara Reincarnation│ that was supposed to be used for my sake
    Things became a little screwed up, because of Uzumaki Naruto ~ Sasuke can become more than Nagato ~ We have to control Sasuke well
    From here on, we need to watch vigilantly for an opportunity to advance, but
    We need to move on quickly with the Eye of the Moon plan!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile in Suna
    Gaara has returned!!!
    He's going to the summit of the Five Kage
    Kankurou doesn't need to escort Gaara or something, it seems...
    It ends here

    covers are located here

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