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I hope this is right...

- カカシましょRinは死ぬ
- マダラが表示され、Obitoを知っている
- Obito死ぬのフラッシュバック

-Kakashi let Rin die
-Madara appears and knows Obito
-Flashback of Obito dying

According to http://forum.onemanga.com/showthread.php?p=6539039, the source is http://www.mymangastream.com and that the status is confirmed. It doesn't sound that ridiculous does it?
I hope this is true, and that could be possible since they had right last time. Tobi's attitude is still there, and Kishi have not messed up (yet)

I mean, why would he change personality because the mask is off? Tobi is Tobi, he doesn't care about Kakashi or Konoha