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    This is a continuation of my prediction but since I add all the points which I predicted can't be completed in one chapter. Its about Obito's past and Rin's death.

    Here's the first prediction:

    Here's the continuation: Read in the order Take your time to read it
    (Kakashi and Tobi face each other in Kamui's dimension)
    TOBI : .......(looking down)
    KAKASHI : ..Plea....Please Obito ...... I don't have much chakra left to even stand... I am about to die.
    OBITO : *Die?* (looks at Kakashi) ?!!! So hurry up and die... I'm fed up of you.
    KAKASHI : Yea...h. It seems though but.... I want to know truth of your life before I die.
    OBITO : Why do you want to know about it?
    KAKASHI : (Remembers his father's last words during Pain Arc)
    (A light strikes Kakashi from back while talking to Sakumo Hatake)
    KAKASHI : What?!!!
    SAKUMO : ?!!! Looks like its not your time yet. You still have things to do.
    KAKASHI : (Struggling to breathe and looks up to Obito) * Dad... I think this is the unfinished business I'm destined to finish *......
    OBITO : ......I....(Remembers)

    ---OBITO's PAST---
    (Kakashi Gaiden)
    (Boulder is crashed on Obito)
    OBITO : ...Kakashi...Take...Take Rin...Hurry...Get out of here....The...Enemy's Reinforcements...are coming..for sure....
    KAKASHI : .....
    RIN : (Holding Obito's hand)......Obito...
    OBITO : (leaves Rin's hand)...Its alright....Go...!
    RIN : .....
    KAKASHI : (Extends his hand) Rin....
    (Several Hidden Stone Shinobis attack to Obito's location)
    STONE SHINOBI : Earth Release : Splitting Earth Force
    (The Splitting of the ground advances towards the location)
    KAKASHI : Rin Hurry. Grab on!
    OBITO : Rin!!!
    RIN : .....
    (Huge boulders start crumbling)
    RIN : Obito!!!!!
    (Obito in the falling rocks)
    OBITO : *....Kakashi... even though we...finally became friends....I couldn't... finally admit it to Rin...I wanted to be together with everyone longer...*
    KAKASHI : Obito...!!
    (The location starts gulped by the ground)
    OBITO : ?!!! Where am I?
    ???? : You Awake?
    OBITO : (sees an aged figure) Who... Who are ... you? (tries to move his left hand) Arghhhh!!!!(screams in pain)
    ???? : Don't move. Your left side is crushed badly. By the way I
    @@@ : Master !! Its ready.
    OBITO : (looks a black figure)?!!! What is ready?
    ???? : Don't worry! You'll be healed completely.
    ???? : Lets go....Zetsu...Take him with us.
    ZETSU : Okay...
    (They enters into a room walking down the stairs underground)
    OBITO : ?!!! What is this?
    ZETSU : This is....GEDO MAZO
    OBITO : GEDO.....MAZO ???(looks it from bottom to top) Hmmm....What is that?
    ???? : They are the top class Shinobis....the powerful Shinobis of the Hidden Leaf Village.
    OBITO : Who are they?
    ???? : Senju Hashirama....and....Uchiha Madara....(Madara's body is merged into the Mazo and Hashirama's cells formed into his body is merged with the Mazo)
    OBITO : Senju and Uchiha!!! Thats the First Hokage and who is Uchiha Madara, I've never heard of him?
    (Turns towards Obito)
    ???? : My Elder Brother.... The Leader of Uchiha Clan
    OBITO : Brother!!! So you..
    IZUNA : I'm Uchiha Izuna died long ago in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village.
    OBITO : Died?!!!

    IZUNA : I was revived by my brother to complete his dream.
    OBITO : Dream?!!! (Suddenly faints away)
    IZUNA : Zetsu keep him here. Its good he fainted ... the pain will be reduced.
    ZETSU : Master...What is use of doing all those experiments on this boy? Will he able to withstand it?
    IZUNA : His body is unique for "his" revival...Start the preparations.
    ZETSU : Yes..
    (After some time)
    (Obito gets up)
    OBITO : Arghhhhh!!! Arghhh!!!(screams in pain)
    IZUNA : You have to suffer this pain till you're healed.
    OBITO : (Looks at his left part of the body) What have you done to my body?
    IZUNA : Your left side was crushed completely so I used the Senju cells to heal you. You'll get used to it soon.
    OBITO : Why are you doing all this? Why me?...I am an useless Uchiha.
    IZUNA : What is your dream life as an Uchiha?
    OBITO : ?!!.... My dream is to get acknowledged by my fellow Uchiha people and to be an elite Uchiha Ninja. I don't want myself to be called a coward, crybaby.
    IZUNA : Thats the reason you were chosen.
    OBITO : Chosen?!!!
    IZUNA : Yes....My Brother Uchiha Madara and I were the gifted Uchihas in our clan with the strong chakra...we were elite among the Uchihas. One of us was going to become the leader of our clan. We were having same dream... dream of peace for our clan.
    OBITO : * Elite!! *
    IZUNA : We trained hard, became strong. We awaken the secrets of Sharingan.
    OBITO : Secrets?!!

    IZUNA : We awakened Mangekyou Sharingan, the evolution of a three tomoe-d Sharingan. To achieve this we had to take the life of our best friend.
    OBITO : Best Friend's Life ?!!!
    IZUNA : With Mangekyo Sharingan, I and my brother got new powers and we became more famous among our clan but there was a catch to it....The more you use it... the faster you lose your light...You go blind forever.
    OBITO : ?!!!
    IZUNA : Madara lost his light early than me. I was suffering from a non curable disease. So I offered my eyes to my brother and he got a never dying light in his eyes. This was the new power The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Madara was appointed as the Leader of the Clan. Few Months later he made a truce with the strongest clan of our level.... Senju clan and founded Hidden Leaf Village. I died because of my disease. Then rebellions occurred on who will be the Hokage of the Village. Madara fought with Hashirama for the title of Hokage but he lost. Slowly the Uchihas were avoided among the village and Madara understood this. He reacted on this among the Uchihas for their rights. Uchihas supported Madara. Later Tobirama Senju was made the Second Hokage and to maintain peace and to separate out the Uchihas he proposed them for Konoha's Police Task Force. Due to this, Uchihas discarded Madara as their leader and accepted the proposal. With the help of EMS, Madara deciphered the ultimate evolution of Sharingan....the Rinnegan. For that it required strong cells of the Senju clan.
    OBITO : cells of Senju clan?!!
    IZUNA : Because the Uchihas and the Senjus were the descendant of Sage of the Six Paths...the creator of the Ninja world.
    OBITO : Sage of the Six Paths?!!
    IZUNA : Madara once again fought Hashirama at a place which is now known as the Valley of End and obtained his DNA. He implanted them into his body. The fight damaged his body severely but the senju cells increased his life a little long. He awakened the Rinnegan and with it he revived me. With the Rinnegan, Madara deciphered the secrets behind The Ten Tails, the combined power of all the Bijuus. After whatever happened in the Uchiha clan and the cruelty of the Ninja world, we decided to cast an Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world by casting it on the moon. This would be possible only with the help of the Ten Tails. SO6P once contained the evil Juubi within his body to protect the Ninja world. But during his death to prevent the havoc of the Juubi once again, he collected all the chakra possible and splitted the Juubi's chakra into nine beasts and sealed the Juubi's body into a sphere of rocks which was compared equal to moon and grounded inside the earth. Madara decided to extract the Juubi's body from the sphere. He knew he will die after using so much chakra. My body was weak. So to revive Madara after his death, a substitute was decided to transplant the rinnegan. We found the whereabouts of the Juubi's sealed body. Madara hurled the sphere with his Rinnegan and extracted the Juubi's body having only physical strength. The Juubi's body is none other than this Gedo Mazo. Juubi's hands were chained. Madara died after this. His eyes were transplanted to a child from the Hidden Rain Village of Uzumaki clan.
    OBITO : Uzumaki Clan. I've heard of them...they have strong chakra and life force.
    IZUNA : Yes thats right. (Pointing towards the Gedo Mazo) This is the Juubi's body and to keep it revived I had to use Madara's body cells along with Hashirama's cells.
    OBITO : ......
    IZUNA : Uchiha Obito... What do you think of your Leader?

    (With all these past of Uchiha clan, Obito grew hatred against Konoha and the Uchiha Clan)
    OBITO : I'll make myself useful for the Leader's Plan. But how will we revive Uchiha Madara?
    IZUNA : His real body is preserved into one of our hideouts in the Mist Village. I'll take you there after some time passes. And from now you have to sever every bond from the Uchiha clan and Konoha. And you will be known as Tobi.
    (As time passes, Izuna takes Tobi to the hideout at the Hidden Mist Village and trains him hard)
    IZUNA : (On the death bed) Tobi, it seems that my body can't hold much now. My brother entrusted his plans to me. But I failed to complete it till end. I entrust my brother's plan to you and hope you will bring it to fruition and revive my brother once again. Zetsu will cooperate you till the end of our plan.
    (Izuna dies and Tobi formulates the plan to reach his goal)
    ZETSU : Tobi you must remain strong to accomplish this. I think you must get your Mangekyo Sharingan first.
    OBITO : ?!!! I should not because if I used it too much I would go blind and I will fail.
    ZETSU : That won't happen.
    OBITO : How?!!
    ZETSU : As Master Izuna said, When Madara achieved Mangekyo Sharingan, two new powers awakened in each of those two eyes. Due to this a third power awakens that is Susano'o. The use of Susano'o to its full extent makes a person blind. And Tobi, since you have only one Sharingan, your eye will not lose its light even if you awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan. That is why you are UNIQUE to be chosen for this plan.
    OBITO : (Remembers Izuna saying to kill the best friend to awake Mangekyo Sharingan) .....Lets go Zetsu.
    ZETSU : Where?
    OBITO : To kill my best friend.
    ZETSU : ?!!!

    OBITO : Kakashi, do you remember the battle....... when Rin died....
    KAKASHI : That day....
    ---KAKASHI's PAST---
    (At the Hokage office)
    3rd HOKAGE : Team Minato, here's your new mission, protect this kid and this guy till the Hidden Mist village.... this is a B rank Mission.
    (Kakashi-15 years old with left eye covered & Rin is shown)
    (A 15 year old kid with his face covered in bandages with only right eye shown and a man is shown)
    KAKASHI : Roger!!
    RIN : Okay....
    (On the way to the Mist Village)
    RIN : (In Kakashi's ears) Hey, they are so quiet on the way, don't you feel any suspicious about them.
    KAKASHI : There is nothing suspicious about them. (To the guy) What do you do in the Village?
    GUY : I am a servant at one of Hidden Mist Villager and this my Master's son.
    KAKASHI : Then how couldn't any of the others present with you?
    GUY : We separated out from our troop on our way to Mist village. Since we were near the Hidden Leaf village, we decided to take help.
    RIN : * Separated out from the troop and no one searched for them...weird *
    (The kid removes bandages wound on his head)
    RIN : ?!!!! His hair......his hair is same as Obito's....(thinking of Obito brings tears in her eyes)
    (The kid looks at Rin)
    KID : Hey sexy, what happened.... why are you crying?
    RIN : * Sexy? * What the hell are you saying? And I'm not crying.
    (The Kid acts as a dumb boy)
    (When they reach half their way to the Mist Village)
    KID : *Its about time*
    GUY : (Smiles)
    KAKASHI : (Senses) Rin....stay alert!! Protect the two of them... I'll offend.(Removes a Kunai)
    (Several shinobis comes out from the ground)
    KAKASHI : ?!!! What is this? How come all of them have same faces?
    RIN : ?!!!

    SHINOBI : Which face do you like kid? This (Changes to a different shinobi face) or this (Changes to Obito's crushed face)
    KAKASHI : ?!!!! Obito!!!
    RIN : Obito?!!!(She falls down on her knees)
    SHINOBI1 : Why didn't you saved me that day?
    SHINOBI2 : Why didn't you saved me?.....
    KAKASHI : (Remembers Obito's death).....(Shivering at his place)
    GUY (ZETSU) : This is your chance.
    KID (OBITO) : (He is taken into the ground by one of the zetsu clone and his place is taken by another zetsu clone) * I'll be coming soon kill you *
    (Kakashi is surrounded by Zetsus disguised as Obito)
    RIN : Kakashiiiiii!!! He is not Obito....He is a fake one.
    KAKASHI : ?!!! fake one!!(removes his cloth covering his left eye) This will see through the clones.
    RIN : He is using his left eye.
    KAKASHI : ?!!! Why they are having the same chakra flow? I can't distinguish them.
    (Obito comes out with his bandages removed and hides himself in the Zetsu clones)
    RIN : ?!!! That one is going to hit directly and he is preparing for his strongest attack.(looks at Kakashi) Kakashi is busy in fighting them.Kakaaassshhii!!
    (Rin runs towards Kakashi)

    OBITO : * I'm sorry Kakashi,Rin *(Goes for the direct hit)?!!
    KAKASHI : ?!!!
    RIN : ?!!! * He feels like....*
    (Obito pierces his hand directly into Rin's heart)
    (Kakashi holds Rin in his arms)
    KAKASHI : Rin!!!!! Rin!!!!..(Tears flow down his face) wake up Rin...I made a promise to Obito to take care of can I face him?
    RIN : (lifts her hand to point at Obito) Obi.........(tears flow down her face and her hand falls)
    (Obito is standing in shock at his place)
    ZETSU : ?!! * He froze *
    (Obito slowly steps back in shock)
    OBITO : * Rin...Rin... I do not wanted to kill you .....never....*
    (Zetsu runs towards Obito)
    KAKASHI : Rin...(looking at Zetsu clones) I won't let you go away with this (Makes Handsigns) Chidori!!!!
    (Kakashi advances towards each Zetsu clones killing them)
    KAKASHI : Die!!!
    (As he is about to reach Obito, Zetsu also disguises as Obito and Holds the real and goes into the ground)

    KAKASHI : How do you know about that Battle? Don't tell me?
    OBITO : ......
    ----OBITO's PAST----
    (After Rin's death, Zetsu takes Obito to their hideout)
    OBITO : How did I? Why? Why? Rin!!!! (Cries loudly till his content)
    ZETSU : ..........
    ZETSU : ?!!! His eye?
    (Obito's Sharingan swirls and his Mangekyo Sharingan is awakened)
    OBITO : I loved her....Rin!!!
    KAKASHI : (Remembers Rin's last words "Obi......")You killed Rin!!! She identified you. How dare you Obito?!!! You made me promise to protect Rin and you!! You are not worthy of being my friend anymore... Obito!!
    OBITO : ?!!!!

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    it's good

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    Hurry up Kishi and finish this////this was fun to of the most amazing threads ever.

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    Very cool bro

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    i just registered an account 2 say that it is awesome prediction
    but one thing, madara's age and nagato's age aren't to far from each other?

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