(Ame Nottori no Jutsu) - Rain Capture Technique

As it starts to raiin. I then start to gather my chakra and send it into the rain. I then channel my chakra into my opponent having the raindrops attract on him and to the ground. Keeping him in place immobilizing him

Advantage: This jutsu can use immobilize the enemy
Disadvantage: This jutsu can easily be seen as some type attack as the rain drops will be attracted to them
How to avoid: Dodge them as you see the rain attracting towards you

(Ame Bunshin) - Raining Clones

As it continue to rain. I then Start to channel my chakra all around the rain. As that happen I then form multiple rain clones around the rain. These clones cant do much and disperse after one hit

Advantage: Only way i can see this being use is as a diversion
Disadvantage: The clones disperse after one punch. As meaning they are fragile
How To avoid: Simply take out the clones

(Gouu no Jutsu) - Heavy Rain Technique

Finally. As the rain starts to fall more. I channel water chakra into your clothing. Once I do that. The rain then touchdowns on your clothing. Easily absorbing the water. Having your clothe soaked and your clothing gets real heavy. then keeps your movement slow

Advantages: This jutsu can be used to halt the opponents movement
Disadvantage: It dosent do damage really. so it cant be used as an attack move
How to avoid: Take off your clothes..