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    Naruto Manga 600 Prediction

    Back with another one.

    Not really predicting based on this weeks manga because it sucked nuts. :sy:

    Something to read, anyway.

    Naruto Manga 601 - Climax

    Part 1

    Obito: *Kages, huh..*
    Kakashi: *Tsunade-sama...*
    Madara: Oh, you know. I showed them the true power of an Uchiha. Much like what I'm going to do to you.
    Naruto starts charging towards Madara with full Kyuubi Mode, when suddenly 'someone' stops him mid-air, and pushes him back to Kakashi...
    Naruto, Kakashi, Gai, K-B: ...???
    ???: Always so hasty, scardy cat...
    Naruto: Sa-...Sasuke?!?
    Gai: Great, more opponents..!!
    We see a large Page of Sasuke, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Yuugo standing on a cliff nearby..

    Kakashi: *Orochimaru, so you're alive after all...* - Gives a mean look towards Oro-
    Orochimaru: *Heh...Naruto's been progressing well, I can tell.. Ah Kakashi, suspicious as always..* Don't worry Kakashi, you are not Sasuke's priority right now, are they, Sasuke? kukuku
    Sasuke: ...
    Naruto: What's that supposed to mean?
    Orochimaru: I brought Sasuke here as a favor for resurecting me, he needs to see the man who knows everything. -Points at Madara-
    Obito: ...
    Madara: *A living breathing Uchiha.. And his eyes... This could get interesting..* What do you want?
    Sasuke: -Sharp, threatening eye towards Madara- You're going to tell me exactly everything that happened to the Uchiha clan, my brother Itachi's involvement, and every single detail about the 9-Tails attack on Konoha 16 years ago.
    Madara: *Cocky little brat..* You'll have to beat it out of me.
    Sasuke: So be it. -We see Sasuke charging towards Madara with a Chidori Current on standby, when suddenly Naruto joins his side putting Sasuke in his NineTailed cloak as protection.- *....*
    Naruto: Let's do this, Sasuke. I know you want information out of them, but they're also a threat to the world. This makes us allies for now.
    Sasuke: ... Don't get in my way, pity excuse of a ninja. *He looks so different..*

    [b]We see Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Yuugo joining Kakashi and the rest..[b]

    Orochimaru: Kukuku, looks like my intel was correct. The Gedo Mazo is the vessel for the 10-tails.. That barrier.. It's the secret Uchiha Barrier jutsu developed by Madara himself!!
    Kakashi: *Sneaky bastard..* Do you know how to end it?
    Orochimaru: I do. I have a sealing technique that will seal the barrier away, but I don't think you're little comrade over there is going to let us do that.. kukuku
    Kakashi: *Bastard...* Do it. We'll provide cover.
    Gai: I hate to say this, but according to Konohas intel, this orange-haired fella here is the source of your Curse Mark, and the source is able to heal whomever he wishes, am I right?
    Yuugo: *....* Continue...
    Gai: You will have to provide your healing capabilities to Kakashi here, he is the only hope we have to win against this opponent. They have the same eye, same technique, same dimension..
    Orochimaru: *So that's how it works... Kukuku maybe Kakashi's body was the one to go after all along..*
    Yuugo starts healing Kakashi..

    Major explosion is heard from Sasuke's Chidori Current and Narutos Bijuu-Dama combined.
    Madara: *Not bad.. This brat, he's got EMS... But not enough...* Moukton: Roots of the great oak tree!
    We see tons of tree-roots being charged against Sasuke and Naruto, they both look at each other and nod their heads..

    Naruto uses his fierce Chakra to split the wood into pieces, stopping the charge. Meanwhile, Sasuke appears behind Madara with his EMS-Susanoo, striking him in the back..
    Madara: *Cough...* It's pointless. I'm an Edo-Tensei, your attempts are futile. I'll just regenerate.
    Naruto: Keh.. You think too much of yourself, you piece of shit! -Grims-
    Madara: *What...?* - Turns around -... *SHIT! The Sword of Totsuka!!!* OBITO! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!
    Obito: *?!* -Obito looks at Madara, as he stands impaled in-before the sealing process..-
    Obito: Deal with it yourself, I have the Gedo to take care of!!
    Madara: *Bastard...*
    Sasuke: Now... You're going to tell me exactly what I want to know..
    Sasuke: Naruto, go. They need you.
    Naruto: Kehehe, yes!
    In nothing but a flash of light Naruto disapperas and re-appears in front of Obito, punching him yet again in his face, completely unaware of Narutos arrival..

    Obito gets pushed back several yards giving Oro the opportunity to use his sealing technique...

    Orochimaru: *Hidden Jutsu: Sealing of the Ancients*
    The Uchiha Barrier quickly starts dispersing...
    Obito: *Bastard...*
    Orochimaru: I'm done. I have no interest in this war or your disputes. Suigetsu, Yuugo, come.
    Suigetsu, Yuugo: ....
    Obito: You know too much, you're not going anywhere... *MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!*
    Orochimaru starts getting sucked into the alternate dimension, and starts laughing..
    Orochimaru: That won't work on me, pretty boy.. I'll come for your eye, eventually.. kukuku.. -Starts running away-
    Orochimaru: *Tskk.. Looks like Sasuke won Yuugo and Suigetsu over.. Ohwell..*

    Part 2:

    We see Madara and Sasuke speaking in the background. Meanwhile, Naruto's priority is the Gedo.

    Naruto charges towards the Gedo, sending all his 9 tails into the 9 eye sockets of the Gedo Mazo.
    Naruto: *What's this?!* Kurama, what's happening?
    Kurama: *Could it be...* Naruto, I think...
    Naruto: Think what?! Tell me!
    Kurama: I think you just connected yourself to the chakra of the 9 Bijuus, including the 8-tails and 1-tails already inside the Gedo...
    Naruto: What does that mean exactly?
    Suddenly, Gyuuki collapses in real time with Killer-Bee getting worried.. Few seconds later, the 9 Biijus, including Kurama, are shown in Naruto's mind standing around Naruto..
    Naruto: What's going on?!
    1-Tails: It's him!!! The guy who beat me a few years ago!! You want me to meld my chakra with him?! HELL NO!!![
    Naruto: Oh, it's you.. What's going on here guys?
    Three-Tails: Naruto, you've melded your chakra with all the Biijus except the 1-tails. There's only ever been one person to meld with all our chakras..
    Naruto: Who?
    Kurama: Grandpa Rikkudo...
    Naruto: *Him again?!*...
    Naruto: So what exactly would happen if I meld my chakra with all of you?
    Kurama: There's no telling what would happen, but it's something the Sage of the Six Paths wanted to happen..
    1-Tails: There is no way I'm melding my chakra with him, he's nothing but a brat!!
    We see Kurama roaring against the 1-Tails, as the 1-Tails takes cover..
    Kurama: IDIOT! Naruto is the man Rikudo spoke of. He's the savior of this world, he even came to terms with ME. Do this, and the world will be saved. We will all be saved. Naruto made a promise, and he always keeps his promises.
    7-Tails: It's true, Shukaku, we've all seen it.
    Shukaku: *grr..* Fine, I'll do it. Give it up, brat!
    Naruto: Keheh. I'm sorry about the past, Shukaku, but we'll come to terms as well. If you want to beat me up for what I did in the past, you're free to do so after the war is over. But for now, we need to save this world. I will save all of you, I promise.
    Shukaku: *I guess Kurama is right...*
    We see Naruto and Shukaku bumping fists..

    Gyuuki appears back in the real world..
    Killer-Bee: *8-Tail-yo, what happened?*
    Gyuuki: *Watch closesly, Bee, you're about to witness history..*

    We see an explosion in front of Gedo on the ground.. Naruto's standing there..

    Naruto: What's happening?! I feel.. I FEEL SO FREE! THIS POWER!
    Obito: *What the hell..*
    Madara: *Finally that brat Sasuke went away.. Wait, what's happening over there.. Could it be?!*

    We see Naruto over 4 pages turning around showing his face, only to have longer hair and a completely new cape much similar to the Sage of the Six Paths cape, when a 2nd explosion of Narutos chakra appears like a skyscrapper..
    We also see a quick page of Sasuke, Yuugo and Suigetsu looking back...

    Yuugo: What's that?!
    Suigetsu: Who knows, that place is crawling with powerful people. I'm glad we got out when we still could..
    Sasuke: *Naruto... I'll be ready for you..*

    Back to Naruto scene

    Kakashi, Gai, Killer-Bee: ?!
    Naruto: I know what I have to do...

    What's Naruto planning?

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    Re: Naruto Manga 600 Prediction

    Your saying chapter 600 sucked? :flaw:

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    Re: Naruto Manga 600 Prediction

    It only sucked because of the lack of information about Obito's motives. I mean just Rin dieing isn't really that big of a reason to make up a plan for a period of 10-20 years only to 'destroy the world as it is' in my opinion. Kishi should've given more information/motives, maybe he will next chapter, in which case I might go back on my word and say 600 was good after all, but until then I'm sticking with this statement lol.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 600 Prediction

    i liked the first prediction n i disagree with you

    chapter 600 was freaken epic!!!

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    Re: Naruto Manga 600 Prediction


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    Re: Naruto Manga 600 Prediction

    THIS SHIT SUUUUUUCKS ASS...Madara wouldnt be beat so easily & by sasuke none the less...he couldnt even keep up with A(raikage) suck...his susanoo is nothing compared to madara's...i know i may sound like a madara fanboy but its true...& why would you think tobi/obito would provide so little resistance when oro was trying to seal the uchiha barrier...& why would u think sasuke would be able to so easily push naruto back if he's charging full speed at madara WITH FULL KYUUBI MODE +rep for you lol

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