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    Naruto 601 prediction

    SOURCE: http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....redctions.html

    Naruto Chapter 601:Double Tobi.

    Naruto: !? Madara!
    Kakashi: So...that's the real Madara....
    Gai: What the hell is going on here..
    Bee: Naruto, did that crazy eye guy not finish edo tensei?
    Naruto: No way...Itachi had to have, somethings not right here...
    Madara: ....oh my...that must be the infamous Kakashi you kept talking about.
    Kakashi: !?
    Obito: Disregard what I've said in the past, they're all nothing more than bugs.
    Obito: Why are you here...and how.
    Naruto: Yeah! How the hell are you here Madara, the 5 kages--
    Madara: The 5 kages are dead.
    Naruto/Kakashi/Gai/Bee: !!?
    Madara: Besides....I have questions for you Obito.
    Obito: ....
    Zetsu comes out from the ground
    Zetsu:'s been a long time since we've all met up like this.
    Madara: Zetsu, where is the Hashirama prototype located.
    Obito: It's in my base, I've prepared it for you.
    Madara: Good, destroy it.
    Obito: !? Excuse me?
    Madara: Kabuto enhanced my edo tensei body with Hashirama cells, I no longer need it. Zetsu, get rid of it.
    Zetsu: Yes sir.
    Obito: *Dammit, Hashirama cells now...I never planned on him getting those.*
    Madara: Either way, I came here for the 9 tails...but it seems you have something bigger on it's way.
    Obito: Sorry, but that's for me.
    Madara glares at Obito
    Madara: Remember who you're talking to boy.
    Obito: Remember that I was the one who killed you, sensei.
    Madara: Hm...on my death bed, but things have changed now.
    Kakashi: !??
    Naruto: What?
    Gai: I can't handle this...
    Kakashi: Obito...killed Madara? Impossible...Madara was killed by Hashirama...
    Obito: I killed him when I found out he could not carry on the role of Tobi.
    Kakashi: What...what do you mean..
    Obito: You still haven't figured it out.....
    Double paged scan showing both Long haired and short haired Tobi.
    Obito: There are 2 Tobi's.
    Naruto: !?
    Kakashi: I see....
    Obito: Tobi represents the necessary evil this world needs, to vanquish the ninja rule from this rotting world. After Madara killed off the Uchiha clan with Itachi, I killed him, leaving I and Sasuke as the last remaining Uchihas.
    Naruto: Don't tell me...
    Obito: Yes Naruto, Sasuke will be the next Tobi. And the chain will continue on and on.
    Madara: Sasuke huh...I have yet to meet this individual. Is he strong enough?
    Obito: He has the eternal, like you.
    Madara: Interesting. Anyway, enough talk, let's kill them.
    Both Obito and Madara dash at Naruto and co.

    THIS WEEK complete prediction is only available at the website.

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    Re: Naruto 601 prediction

    Gud but plot holes ow did obito knows madara since is 2 old or dead wen Minato became hokage and i thought dat zetsu is already dead kiled by sasuke so ow

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    Re: Naruto 601 prediction


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    Re: Naruto 601 prediction

    Itachi, Sasuke, and Obito / Tobi were still alive after Obito supposedly killed madara. It was good up until that point.

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    Re: Naruto 601 prediction

    Very interesting read, I actually like the ending +rep

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